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Do the shopping, and the card will take care of the rest. New side of loyalty programs

Have you got our loyalty card? You get asked this question at supermarkets, gas stations, cinemas... It makes you feel guilty if you don’t have such a card – you’re clearly missing out. And even if you collect such cards – you often forget to have them with you. What if there was one card that would remember to collect points for us? Life would become simpler. 

Traditional points collection

How many unused plastic cards can you find in your wallet? 3? 5? You could say that an average wallet has a few of them. There were 4 cards in mine – from a café, supermarket, gas station and SPA. I must admit that I didn’t systematically use even the card of a popular gas station, so I could collect only just enough points for a coffee – while the goal was much more “ambitious” – a desired laptop bag.  If it sounds like something you do, you’re not alone, there are thousands of us. That’s because when you do shopping, a different card is your priority – your payment card.

Points By The Way

You can collect points for shopping every day. And if you could collect points automatically? Such a possibility is offered by the payment card of Citi Handlowy with Mastercard logo – debit or credit– under the program Mastercard® Priceless Specials. It is a benefits program, which is distinguished, above all, by the convenience it provides. You no longer need to remember to show your loyalty card to the shop assistant. All you need to do is pay for your shopping with a Mastercard, and it will automatically collect the points. All this is done without your participation.
In the Mastercard® Priceless Specials program, you collect points for each card transaction at nearly 70 partners – starting from popular supermarkets and gas stations, through clothes stores, and ending with known cafés and restaurants. You just have to register your card in the program on the bank’s website. For example: When you do the shopping at Carrefour or tank up your car at Circle K gas stations, you get 2 points for each PLN 5 spent. However, when you go to see a movie in Cinema City or order pizza or a box of chocolates, each spent PLN 5 will get you 8 points.

Mastercard® Priceless Specials step by step

1/ Collect a Mastercard® Citi Handlowy card
2/ Register the card in the Priceless Specials program
3/ Make payments with the card at the program’s partners
4/ Collect points, which are automatically credited to your Priceless Specials account
5/ Exchange points for rewards

Clients of Citi Handlowy get double benefits

The rewards catalogue of Mastercard Priceless Specials lists many surprises for you in 11 categories. You can exchange points both for household accessories, toys or tools and cinema tickets or vouchers to burger places. In the Mastercard® Priceless Special program, everyone can find something they like and need.
It is worth remembering that when you use MasterCard cards with a Citi logo, you double your benefits. You can not only collect points, but also take advantage of discounts at nearly 300 partners of the Citi Specials program – up to 50%, and special, exclusive offers, such as the recent tickets pre-sale for Beyonce’s concert.
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