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How much is a layette for a newborn?  

The birth of a child is one of the most amazing moments in one’s life, however it is not only a big change, but also a big cost. Sometimes expecting parents focus on the pregnancy and somehow forget about the costs they will have to face. And already the price of the items to take in one's hospital bag for the mother and the baby can be shocking.

First of all, peace
A hospital layette for a baby is a perfect example that, driven by a desire to give their little one literally everything, young parents act like children themselves. They buy binkies upon binkies, colorful tetra diapers, bottles and toys without thinking, often also without looking at the prices or actual needs. Thus, the list of items in the layette for a baby is getting ever longer. After all, a baby needs to have everything – we understand that, we are parents ourselves. However, before you go on a shopping spree, we recommend dedicating some time to planning most expenses for the hospital layette for a baby. Thanks to a detailed checklist you will know what’s necessary at the beginning, and what you can buy after your baby has already been born. Both a summer and a winter layette for a newborn, and specifically a checklist necessary to prepare it, will be best used electronically. Then, you can share it with your friends, acquaintances and family members. After all, they are also parents and maybe most items you’d like to buy are lying forgotten in the nooks and crannies of their garages – and they’ll be happy to get rid of them, take our word for it. This way it will be a lot easier to put together your baby’s layette.
Hospital layette for mother and child
Never-ending list

You can find many lists for baby layettes on the Internet. The best way would be to start planning with the one you want to take to the hospital. In your delivery bag, pack, first of all, all the necessary documents:
- pregnancy card
- referral
- ID card all test results including blood group confirmation
- ZUS social insurance account number
The checklist for a newborn’s layette comprises actually the hospital bag of both the mother and the child. The future mum will need, among others:

- several night gowns,
- mesh panties,
- maternity pads,
- flip-flops to wear in the shower,
- anti-slip slippers.
And the mandatory basic items in a typical winter and summer hospital layette for a newborn are the following:
- about 25 disposable diapers,
- 5 tetra diapers,
- anti-chafing cream,
- a sleeping bag or a cone blanket,
- 2 packs of wet wipes,
- several thin vests,
- zip-up body,
- three pairs of onesies,
- two cotton hats,
- two pairs of warm socks.
Such a hospital layette for the mother and the child costs about PLN 1,000. Remember also about the home-coming outfit, suitable for the season. Cosmetics for your newborn are also among the essential items you can’t forget in your hospital bag.

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Home layette for a newborn
When preparing their house for the arrival of a baby, parents have lots of ideas. However, at the beginning remember to focus on the most essential things – toys can wait. What items does a basic home layette for a baby include? Below we present a small collection.
a crib with 3 levelsa changing tablea bathtub, water thermometera baby wrapbinkies, a lactator, bottlesanti-chafing creambaby nasal aspiratora big supply of diapers – there can never be too many of them
Such a home layette for a newborn costs around PLN 1,000 – 1,500. Of course, everything depends on the brand you choose.
And then you also need a bassinet stroller. At the first glance, everything seems to be child’s play. But when you delve into it, it turns out it’s not a piece of cake. The choice of layette items for a newborn is very wide, therefore difficult. The prices range from PLN 500 to PLN 15,000. And what should your baby’s first car include? In our opinion it should include:
- swivel wheels to facilitate maneuvering (especially in a store),
- reversible handle to better protect the baby from wind or sun,
- a big bag to pack a bottle with milk,
- supply of diapers or a change of clothes and your stuff,
- storage basket underneath – for the shopping, a blanket or unexpected baggage.
Before you make a future dad’s heart palpitate by spending hundreds of zlotys, remember to make your own checklist of the most essential items and consult it with your friends and family – you don’t need to buy everything in a store. A hospital layette for a baby prepared with the help of your family and friends is sheer profit. A well-prepared list of items will also be invaluable.

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