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Citi to add jobs in Olsztyn

Citi, one of the biggest global financial institutions, is planning further investments in Olsztyn and an increase in employment in its operating center. The bank also wants to support local authorities in activities promoting development of the labor market, the city and the entire region.

Active in 160 countries and jurisdictions, Citigroup chose Olsztyn as the seat of its clearing center in 2020. In Olsztyn, there has already been a Citi Service Center established in 2005, which forms, together with its equivalent in Warsaw, one of the most dynamic companies in the sector in Poland. While focusing on Olsztyn, Citigroup is going to increase employment in the city by over 40 percent by the end of 2020, that is by almost 300 people.
We want to attract people who wish to gain unique experience in an international institution, working on technologically advanced projects with a global reach. People who care about the values that guide our activity – the culture of openness and diversity as well as the desire to run a socially responsible business. Olsztyn is a very attractive place. It is ever more competitive in terms of the quality of its processes and employees’ qualifications, rather not employment costs, said Witold Zieliński, the head of the Polish branch of Citibank Europe Plc.
For many years Citigroup has actively participated in the life of local communities through, among others, an extensive cooperation with the University of Warmia and Mazury. Joint activities cover relations with the Carrier Bureau and promotion of job offers, implementation of an Ambassador Project, organization of Open Days for students and co-organization of Akademia na Bank (Banking Academy), a series of all-year workshops in improving business and soft skills and dual studies for persons interested in gaining experience in banking. In late November/early December, the institutions will launch workshops for high school students conducted by Citi and Citi Handlowy experts, who will talk about, i.a., the operation of Citi in Olsztyn and cybersecurity.
For a big foreign investor, Olsztyn is a fantastic place to develop its business. We appreciate the unique advantages of the city – a great university center educating future specialists with whom we hope to cooperate, a dynamic city with a history and, finally, a place where one can reconcile work with leisure, said Natalia Bożek, Vice President of the Management Board of Citi Handlowy.
The bank also wants to help residents of Olsztyn gain skills required to find or change a job. During this year’s Babafest (Women-fest), female residents of Olsztyn can participate in a competence laboratory and workshops “Aspects of stress”, which will help women further their careers by acquiring new skills. Employees of Citigroup also take part in pro publico bono initiatives. In Olsztyn, this year alone 440 of them got involved in as many as 37 projects, including, among others, blood donations, hospital renovation, classes in basic coding for children and support for animal shelters. Citi is also the main sponsor of Kortowiada Juwenalia (special event for students).
Employees of Citi in Olsztyn provide advanced services to 96 countries, speak 29 languages and have a chance to develop in the global structures of the bank, considering that up to 87% of its managerial positions are filled via an internal recruitment process.
Citi advocates the principle “hire for attitude and train for skills” – it hires graduates who can take advantage of over 1,000 internal trainings, and almost 90% of its managerial positions are filled by candidates from within the company, with over 40% of managerial positions taken by women.
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