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Contextual at the highest level. New YouTube Director Mix campaign at Citi Handlowy

Citi Handlowy launched one of the first in Europe and the first marketing campaign in the financial services sector in Poland using the YouTube Director Mix tool. Thanks to the use of over 250 video ad versions, this tool enables precise and contextual selection of displayed advertising content to users' queries on Google and on YouTube.

Citi Handlowy in cooperation with Google has just launched a new advertising campaign "So many benefits for PLN 0", promoting the Citi Simplicity Credit Card, awarded four years in a row in the Golden Banker ranking as the best card on the market.
The goal of the campaign is to showcase the benefits offered by Citi Handlowy cards under the Citi Specials Benefits Program. Benefits focused around 5 passions - Travel, Dining, Entertainment, Shopping and Sport - including up to 20% discounts in over 150 restaurants, up to 50% discount on ferry, flight or hotel reservations, as well as presale tickets for concerts of the world's greatest stars in Poland. There are several hundred rebate offers, partner offers, prizes, surprises and other privileges. To reach potential customers with such a rich offer, Citi Handlowy focuses primarily on relevance - reaching the right user with the right benefit at the right time. One of the latest Google innovations turned out to be the perfect solution.
How does it work?
The YouTube Director Mix mechanism allows the emission of ads closely matched to the phrases searched by the users. Thanks to this, two extremely important conditions of every successful campaign are met - relevance and scale. The tool allows Citi Handlowy to create in an optimized way up to several hundred different versions of video ads, by replacing the basic text elements, video and audio elements, depending on the phrase entered in the search engine. This greatly simplifies and reduces the time and cost that would be required in standard campaigns to prepare such an advanced campaign.
Let's say we're looking in Google for a pizza sauce recipe. If we hit Youtube same day or within 7 days after this search, the mechanism will select and display a video ad for us with the content "Feeling like having a pizza? Take advantage of discounts up to 20% in over 150 excellent restaurants by paying with a Citi Handlowy credit card. So many benefits with the card for PLN 0 a month. Apply and collect PLN 400 to start! " The material will be composed of graphic base elements and appropriate animations. Video personalization on such a scale, while minimizing the resources needed to produce them, is the main advantage of using Google's innovations in this campaign.

Masz ochotę na pizzę? 0019 - YouTube

Citi Handlowy consistently goes beyond the classic understanding of banking services, offering card holders with the Citi logo one of the largest benefits and privileges on the market. As part of the campaign, the bank has prepared a welcome offer with a PLN 400 voucher for use on Allegro. An application for a card can be made online through a dedicated website. Its content will also dynamically adapt to the customer search - here an example for pizza search.
The strategy and video creation in the campaign are handled by Digital Direct House and Feno, while media purchase and optimization are supervised by Sales & More.
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