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Citi Handlowy has supported progress for 150 years

This year Citi Handlowy is celebrating its 150th anniversary. It is the oldest bank in Poland which has operated uninterruptedly for so long. Throughout the years, the bank has supported the development of Polish entrepreneurship and innovations. It delivered financial solutions and supported the ambitions and plans of its clients, their desire to spread their wings and implement innovative solutions. This has been 150 years of progress for Poland and with Poland.

I am proud of the role the bank has played in the economic and social development of Poland,” said Slawomir S. Sikora, President of the Management Board of Citi Handlowy. “This heritage inspires and motivates us to look into the future with confidence and take up new challenges furthering the development of our clients. This approach has proven the best over the years, and it has benefited both our clients and the Polish economy. We are trying to be a window to the world for our local and foreign business partners. Together, we are successful in addressing the needs of the times in order to change the economy, the environment and the social life in a positive way. This year we want to reminisce about this – by telling the public about all the ambitious initiatives that we support and that are now synonymous with progress.”  
Established in Warsaw in 1870 by an outstanding entrepreneur and philanthropist, Leopold Kronenberg, the bank soon became the leader of the Polish financial market. Before the outbreak of World War I, our Bank was the biggest private bank in the Polish lands and one of few banks that provided financial services in trading with Russia and Western Europe. It survived two world wars operating uninterruptedly. Twenty years ago, Citi – the world’s biggest financial institution – became a majority shareholder of the company. Thus, it gave it impetus to expand its offer to global markets by providing the global know-how from cooperation with international companies, which has now been gained over 200 years. Nowadays, Citi Handlowy is a bank of first choice for big clients who pursue development and innovations unlimited by administrative divisions.
Today the bank is beginning the celebrations of its anniversary, which is symbolized by a special logo. The logo emphasizes how important it is for the institution to support progress.

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