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Citi Handlowy implements support solutions for its clients, including suspension of installments

Citi Handlowy has implemented solutions to help its clients affected by the consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic. Individual clients may apply for the suspension of loan installments, micro enterprises and institutional clients may apply for rescheduling of the repayment or changes in loan conditions.

Individual clients may apply for deferral of the repayment of principal-and-interest installments in the case of cash and secured loans for up to three months.  As regards credit cards, they may suspend the repayment of the minimum amount. Support will be granted to clients once they fill in a simple application with a declaration that their financial situation deteriorated due to the current epidemic.
“The coronavirus epidemic is the biggest challenge for the Polish economy in decades. At such a time, concern for our employees and clients is our priority and our duty. In response to the difficulties experienced by our clients, we want to introduce solutions that will help stabilize their financial situation,” said CEO of Citi Handlowy, Sławomir S. Sikora.
The proposals of Citi Handlowy are a part of the coordinated actions of the financial sector under the auspices of the Polish Bank Association (ZBP). Financial institutions have outlined a support plan to be implemented by individual banks at their own discretion to address potential problems of Poles with repaying their liabilities.

Micro entrepreneurs may take advantage of a three-month grace period for repayment of principal, suspension of the repayment of principal-and-interest installments or postponement of the loan maturity date (if the renewal period falls before the end of June 2020). Clients undergoing restructuring may have their principal-and-interest installment reduced by applying a decreased interest rate for up to 12 months.
Institutional clients may reschedule their repayments or change the loan or financing conditions. To do that, they have to apply for changes of the conditions. Decisions on client applications will be taken in an expedited procedure by a new, dedicated working group. Solutions for institutional clients allow a possibility to extend the repayment of 3 consecutive monthly (principal or principal-and-interest) installments, with an option to extend it by another 3 months upon a new client application. It is also possible to renew the current working-capital financing with an approaching maturity date for another 3 months under the same conditions, subject to the decision of the working group.
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