The rise of automated systems and artificial intelligence means we interact less with human agents and more with AI, chat bots and self-service solutions.  There are many benefits for clients such as your queries get answered directly and accurately without human consult

22 November 2018

A Romanian start-up FINQWARE took the main prize in the PSD2 Challenge at Citi Handlowy, a competition which was to identify the best solutions in the area of open banking prepared with the use of Citi API. The authors of a multibank platform FINQ for aggregation of data

7 November 2018

The most bankable band in the history of rock music is going to play next year in Warsaw during their “This House is not For Sale” tour.  The Citi Specials benefit platform offers another surprise to the bank’s clients – they will be the first one to have the opportunity

29 October 2018

One to manage all. One to find all. One to gather and link all in a simple move. Sounds like a description of the ring from Tolkien’s novel? Maybe a little; however, we’re talking about smartphone and three applications that will enable you to make payments faster than ever before.

19 October 2018

A family business assuming the proportions of a world-class player; environmentally friendly energy technology for the development of the Polish economy and, finally, a giant of the footwear industry spectacularly successful online – these are the stories of this year’s winners of Emerging Market Champions Award. It was a special edition due to a new category in the competition – champion of new economy, i.e. an e-commerce company. 

28 September 2018

Whether a trip is a success or not depends hugely on a positive attitude. It’s difficult to enjoy it, though, if the taxi driver is late and your hotel room looks nothing like the photos. Thankfully, such situations belong in the past.

10 September 2018

According to a survey by Diners Club Polska, 70% of Poles are planning to go on vacation in 2018. And everybody knows that when you’re on vacation, you indulge more and reach deeper in your pocket. How to spend money wisely and not empty your wallet completely?

10 September 2018

Have you got our loyalty card? You get asked this question at supermarkets, gas stations, cinemas... It makes you feel guilty if you don’t have such a card – you’re clearly missing out. And even if you collect such cards – you often forget to have them with you. What if there was one card that would remember to collect points for us? Life would become simpler. 

10 August 2018

In 2017, 43 airlines worldwide offered first class seats. This is by 9 fewer than several years before. However, despite the visible downward trend, carriers are trying to outdo one another implementing ever newer and more luxurious convenient solutions.

10 August 2018

Prestigious, expensive and... increasingly popular. Each year, more and more people want to go to private schools. Is it something you’re considering for your child? Here is what you should know and how much you may have to spend.

10 August 2018

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