“I have nothing to wear”. That’s usually the start, which means you own the so-called classic wardrobe. But on a serious note, we recommend starting summer holiday fun from shopping. Where? If it is stylish items you want, it would be best to visit one of the fashion cap...

18 April 2019

A personal trainer is a service which is getting more and more popular in Poland. A personal trainer is a person who can help you plan your training sessions individually, in a manner adjusted to your abilities and goals. Is training under the supervision of a personal t...

12 April 2019

You’re arranging your apartment and wondering about its interior design? Or maybe you’re thinking of a small, spring renovation? If you’re dreaming of beautiful, modern interiors in your apartment, check what’s currently in fashion! Our article will tell you about the th...

3 April 2019

A breath of fresh, spring air has come to your wardrobe? You’re beginning a huge clean-out of your closet? You feel like getting “something” new? And wondering about the new trends of spring 2019? Read our article before you throw yourself into the whirl of spring sales ...

1 April 2019

Low interest rate and big profit – these are the main reasons why owners of apartments decide to let them. It is, without a doubt, a golden investment, but what does it cost considering also the right furnishing for an apartment for rental? In the article below, we give ...

29 March 2019

The birth of a child is one of the most amazing moments in one’s life, however it is not only a big change, but also a big cost. Sometimes expecting parents focus on the pregnancy and somehow forget about the costs they will have to face. And already the price of the ite...

29 March 2019

When I was a kid, my working mom rarely helped me with my homework. She came home exhausted well after 5 p.m., which isn't exactly the recipe for homework success. Most of the time, I worked it out on my own and paid the consequences if something wasn't done right.

20 February 2019

Another occasion and again you have no idea what to give her? Take it easy! Sit comfortably, take a cup of hot coffee and check out our propositions for up to PLN 200!

1 February 2019

You are facing a real challenge! What to buy to make him happy? And another thing, what to choose so as not to be reduced to beggary? Gifts for him are a complicated issue. Socks are out of the question, obviously! A new Ferrari is not within your reach either. Still, th...

1 February 2019

There can be many different gift ideas. Starting with nicely packaged jewelry, through beautiful perfumes, to gilded cufflinks. But unique experiences, which will be the greatest memories of your beloved ones, can also be original gifts. So, what can you arrange? We woul...

1 February 2019

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