Innovative, based on partnership cooperation with the biggest e-commerce players, Citi Handlowy Credit Card acquisition strategy received main prize in Innovation Award contest organized by Stowarzyszenie Komunikacji Marketingowej SAR. 

27 April 2018

“Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge”, “Amok”, “Art of loving. Story of Michalina Wisłocka”, “Najlepszy/The fastest”, “Loving Vincent” – what do these movies have in common? Each of them was very popular among filmgoers in Poland last year and each of them tells true s...

26 April 2018

Poles are ever more eager to eat out. The new culinary habits in Poland are based on global trends. They mainly have to do with product quality, the fashionable vegetarianism, and zero waste movement, all of which aim to reduce wasting food, among other things.

20 April 2018

Food expenses and for other basic necessities represent only one fourth of our household budgets. The fact that the amounts we can spend on pleasures and less basic products are constantly increasing proves that we are growing wealthy. 

20 April 2018

The crowded cardio zones at the gym, runners along the running routes and numerous bike tire tracks – these are an everyday image now. What has caused masses of Poles to start to get in shape? How should one exercise and do it wisely?

20 April 2018

Lifelong learning – is it already a requirement of today or a whim of reality that tires us out, a constant urge for change and pursuit of a better version of ourselves? Will we be learning for our entire lives?

20 April 2018

Have you ever wondered how do we make decisions on the financial market? On the one hand, we would like to be considered reasonable, but the reality often looks completely different. The behavioral economy is focused on the mechanisms of such decisions.

17 April 2018

For years, Poles have regularly taken top positions among nations with the highest consumer IQ. Apparently, our purchasing decisions set example in terms of exercising reason and self-control, and comparing offers. Why is smart shopping such a success?

17 April 2018

At of the beginning of March, Citi Handlowy offers to its clients a new Citi Specials platform. Bank has integrated all existing loyalty and discount programs in one place and in a visually friendly form for holders of Citi cards. Regardless of the type of the card, the ...

23 March 2018

The real estate market is experiencing an unexpected boom – apartments are sold like hotcakes, new construction sites open one after another. In spring, we often think of buying our own apartment – but is now really the best time to make such a decision? Let us shortly d...

5 March 2018

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