Strona GłównaNewsCiti Handlowy starts cooperation with OBI – purchases converted into up to 10 installments (APR 0%) with Simplicity credit card

Citi Handlowy starts cooperation with OBI – purchases converted into up to 10 installments (APR 0%) with Simplicity credit card

Citi Handlowy introduced an offer of purchases converted into installments for the clients of OBI. The clients of the DIY retail chain can convert a payment for shopping into 3, 6 or 10 interest-free installments (APR 0%) under the Installment Plan on the Simplicity Credit Card. The amount of financing may range from PLN 300 to PLN 14,000.

In order to take advantage of the offer, clients of OBI who don’t have Citi Handlowy credit card may apply for the credit card at a Citi Handlowy Relationship Manager at one of OBI’s 59 stores or at a self-service credit point in OBI store by verifying their identity using a “selfie”. Citi Handlowy, the leading company in the card products market in Poland, was one of the first banks to introduce this innovative biometric solution last year.
- We know that this year Polish families have been spending more time at home, and home improvements are top of our minds. In this regard, we are very excited to launch our new cooperation with OBI to offer best in class financing opportunities for these needs. The process of obtaining an award winning Citi Simplicity card at OBI is innovative with our new “selfie” verification, and clients can convert purchases to installments easily with a few clicks on their phone, said Dennis Hussey Vice President of Citi Handlowy’s Management Board responsible for consumer banking.
The process of applying for the card on one's own is very simple and a client needs only an ID card and a phone (in case of financing that exceeds PLN 5,000 client’s income certificates are also required). After receiving a positive credit decision and signing a contract with the bank, clients will be able to do shopping right away. The annual fee for the card for clients applying for it in OBI stores amounts to PLN 0 for 36 months from concluding a card agreement (starting from the first full calendar month following the month in which the card agreement was concluded), and after that time the Table of Fees and Commissions shall apply. Apart from the possibility to convert payments for purchases at OBI into installments, the card also grants a client access to discounts at over 300 partners of Citi Handlowy under the Citi Specials program, a possibility to benefit from the Mastercard Priceless Moments (Bezcenne Chwile) program and to pay with ApplePay and Google Pay apps.
for. Jarek Jaworski

for. Jarek Jaworski

For those who already have a Citi Handlowy card, the process of converting purchases at OBI into installments will be even easier – clicking on a link sent by the bank to mobile phone will be enough to convert any transaction into installments – without filling in forms or submitting documents.
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