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Citi Handlowy integrates banking system with Comarch ERP Optima and Comarch ERP XL through CitiConnect API  

As part of our effort to provide seamless connectivity options to institutional banking clients, Citi Handlowy has joined forces with leading ERP provider Comarch to make everyday management of payments easier for their clients. We have achieved this by directly integrating their systems – Comrach ERP Optima and Comarch ERP XL with CitiConnect API. The solution integrates the financial and accounting system (ERP) of a company with the bank’s system. Thus, financial operations can be executed directly in the company’s system: checking company’s account balances, initiating payments and checking their status, as well as downloading bank statements and making automatic reconciliation. Instant payment execution and real-time information on the account will boost the efficiency of the company’s operation in terms of payment management.

Citi Commercial Bank (CCB) partnered with the Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) business within Citi to make this innovative solution available for the full spectrum of medium and large sized commercial clients. With CitiConnect API, transaction services can be accessed in real time from the ERP system of the company, without the need to log in to the bank. The API-based solution automates the process of managing payments and minimizes the time to execute orders. After updating the Comarch ERP Optima or Comarch ERP XL it will already be ready to cooperate with CitiConnect API without the need for any additional development works at the Client.
- CitiConnect API allows us to operate within one financial system, which integrates the information of the bank and the company. It is a very efficient and secure solution which eliminates errors, saves time by removing some steps and, thanks to automation, simplifies our work, says MultiDecor Chief Executive Officer Kamil Mistygacz.

- CitiConnect API addresses the needs of companies operating in the Polish market which use the solutions of our partner, Comarch. Integration of the systems of a company and the bank enables instant interactions in digital ecosystems. Real-time access to accounts and automated payment management boost digitization of the processes in the company and, in consequence, contribute to a notable growth in its efficiency, says Jim Foley, Member of the Management Board in Citi Handlowy, Cluster Head of Treasury and Trade Solutions..
The CitiConnect API solution is available to all companies using the systems Comarch ERP Optima and Comarch ERP XL. CitiConnect API gives access to cutting-edge ERP solutions without having to go through a time-consuming and costly implementation process.  

- Entrepreneurs need IT solutions that are intuitive and allow them to execute necessary operations with a few clicks of the mouse – without having to enter too many data or details and, even more importantly, without moving between systems. The integration of the bank’s IT environment with the ERP solutions meets the expectations of an informatically aware recipient, who values quality of service of the entire process and security of transmitted data, says Zbigniew Rymarczyk, Deputy CEO of Comarch and Director of ERP Sector.

 CitiConnect API can be useful in various aspects of a company’s operation – it streamlines such processes as return of goods and instant refund of funds to clients. Moreover, it enables instant payment of compensation under motor insurance. Integration of the company's system with the API-based payment execution system equals faster, automated payments and their refund and, finally, better client satisfaction.

- We know that the dynamics of a company's operation, which translates into its growth, is one of the key matters for the clients of Citi Handlowy. We support our clients in a successful development of their business by offering them innovative and technologically advanced functionalities, such as CitiConnect API. We advise them on how to use the potential of new, digital technologies and translate it into measurable benefits in building their company's position, states Sebastian Perczak, Head of Commercial Bank Division at Citi Handlowy.  

CitiConnect API enables integration of Comarch’s systems with the system of Citi Handlowy. The affiliation of the bank with the global Citi group means that the functionalities related to automation and integration of ERP systems may be offered to clients on most global markets.

Summa Linguae Technologies: As a digital company, we are active on multiple markets, and on each of them we need trusted solutions that are tailored to our needs. With Citi and Citi Handlowy, while operating on a global scale, we can take advantage of local, most suitable functionalities – such as CitiConnect API for Comarch’s systems in Poland. By integrating our financial and accounting systems with the bank, we are boosting the efficiency of our company on a global scale – which is an invaluable benefit for a company in the today’s world.
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