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Citi’s shared service in Poland is expanding, to hire 1,000 by end of 2022

Citi is developing its operating activity in Poland – by the end of the year it aims to hired 1,000 new people and reach 7,000 employees at the Polish branch of Citibank Europe plc.

  • The Citi financial services center in Poland is the largest such center in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) in terms of the number of employees
  • The company is currently recruiting specialists in risk management, internal audit, IT and quantitative analysis among other areas
  • The recruitment takes account of the gender parity – women already represent about 44 percent of all employees. The share of women in management positions increased by one fifth over the last two years
Citi is planning more investments in Poland, striving to increase employment by nearly 20% this year and hire about 1,000 new employees.
“From a perspective of a global financial institution such as Citi it is clear to see that Poland has a great number of talented people. This allows us to continue to develop our offices in Warsaw and Olsztyn, says Iwona Dudzińska, Managing Director of the Citi branch in Poland. “For me, the key is to ensure constant development of the staff and, thus, the knowledge within the organization. Over 40 percent of the employees are now specialists with more than 5 years of service. Owing to such experience and the developed know-how we can provide top-quality services to our clients.
In developing the open employment policy, the center is also working intensely on recruiting foreigners. Within its Polish structures, it has a total of about 1,000 representatives of 70 different nationalities.
The structural organization and the onboarding of new employees make it possible to carry out dynamic recruitment activities. On average, around 150 people are hired every month.
“The development opportunities offered by our group are confirmed by the fact that up to 50 percent of all our recruitment processes end in hiring internal candidates. Thus, employees have promotion opportunities and the organization can see their attachment and the validity of further investments in qualified staff, adds Iwona Dudzińska.
Citibank Europe plc recruits new employees especially in internal audit, IT, risk management, quantitative analysis, Securities Services Treasury and Trade Operations and Citi Private Bank Operations.
The continuous development of its structures in Poland is also confirmed by the growing number of management positions. Last year there were 725, almost 200 more than two years before.
The scale of the business activity and the available expertise of the employees of Citi in Poland make the center one of the employment leaders in the region within a global organization.
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