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Andrzej Wilk appointed Consumer Banking Head in Citi Handlowy

Citi Handlowy’s Supervisory Board appointed Andrzej Wilkas Vice President of the Management Board responsible for consumer banking.

Andrzej Wilk, present head of the Retail Product, Segment and Branch Network Management Division of Citi Handlowy, will replace outgoing Dennis Hussay as of July 1, 2022.
Andrzej Wilk has worked at Citi for 20 years, including 12 years at Citi Handlowy, as, among others, CFO of Citifinancial Central Europe, where he supervised the development of over 200 branches and points of sale. He also headed Retail Bank in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania, and since returning to Citi Handlowy three years ago, he has been successfully implementing the strategy of restoring profitability of the retail business.
Andrzej was one of the first twenty employees of retail banking of Citi in Poland in 1997.
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