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New trends in mobile payments. Faster, safer and more convenient.

One to manage all. One to find all. One to gather and link all in a simple move. Sounds like a description of the ring from Tolkien’s novel? Maybe a little; however, we’re talking about smartphone and three applications that will enable you to make payments faster than ever before.

Wallet suitable for the best
Masterpass, the solution we are talking about, is an electronic wallet which keeps your payment cards and address details safe. What for? The answer is as simple as its functioning – so that you will need to spend even less time on your online shopping. With Masterpass, you don’t need to log into your bank account and verify transactions with a scratch-off or token codes. Now, all you need to do is click the Masterpass button in the online store payment section, enter your login and password, and finally confirm the transaction entering the code from a received SMS message. That’s all.

The creators of the electronic wallet didn’t forget about security, either. When shopping online, you don’t need to enter a long card number any more. Mastercard guards your payment information, and your account won’t be charged with any unauthorized transaction. If you think Masterpass is reserved only for Mastercard clients, we have a pleasant surprise for you. Yes, the application was created by a financial organization recognized worldwide, but it also allows you to add Visa cards. The registration process consists of just 4 steps. As you can see, the creators thought of comfort at each and every stage.
A gift from uncle Google... Google Pay
You used to be asked: contactless? Today, many people forestall the question by showing their card and touching it against the terminal. But this is bound to change soon, too. The so-called plastic cards will be replaced by smartphones, all thanks to such applications as Google Pay. The creators of the world’s most popular browser are promoting their free product under the slogan “A better way to pay”, and it’s not even a slight exaggeration.
The Google app, like Masterpass, allows the user to keep virtual versions of cards, but it serves a different purpose. Its main feature enables contactless payments with a phone, irrespective of the type of terminal available at the store. This is possible with NFC (Near-Field Communication), which is a technology used today in every new phone.

What do you need to do to have PayPass payments within your phone’s reach? Apart from downloading the app – not much. You open the app and take a picture of your card – then, Google Pay reads its details and a moment later you receive a text message from your bank with a verification passcode. Simple.
Blik – phone transfer in one click
At midnight, you suddenly remember you owe your friend money for a taxi, but you obviously don’t know his account number by heart. What do you do?

a. You call your friend and wake him up.
b. You go through your transaction history and waste your time.
c. You tell yourself you’ll ask his number in the morning, and then you forget about the whole thing.

These scenarios aren’t very optimistic. Luckily, now you can use a lifeline – BLIK, and the phone transfer option. How does it work? You open your bank’s mobile app, you go to the transfers tab (or payments – depending on the bank), you click on the above-mentioned option and select from your contacts the person you want to transfer money to. After entering the amount, you confirm the transaction with a PIN, and that’s it. And the account number? Who would worry about that today ;) Mobile payments are developing dynamically and we don’t know what “tomorrow” will bring; however, we know one thing for sure today – Masterpass, Google Pay and BLIK form a well-oiled trio, which will work splendidly on your phone.
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