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HULAJnoga (Ride a scooter) with third party liability insurance

Do you know that you are witnessing the beginning of urban e-mobility era? Already 10 percent of Poles use electric scooters – there are almost 4000 of them in the offers of rental companies only in Warsaw! What is the result?

Accidents with participation of scooters happen practically every day – from collisions with pedestrians and cyclists, to crashes with cars or buses. The research presented in this year’s report of PIU (Polish Insurance Association) “Nowa miejska mobilność” (New urban mobility), shows that the most common injuries are:
  • 40% – bones fractures,
  • 32% – head injuries,
  • 28% – cuts and sprains.
This is accompanied by destroyed or damaged bikes or other vehicles – cabs, private cars, buses or minibuses. The responsibility for accidents to a large extent rests with the users of personal transportation vehicles, and unfortunately not many of them have adequate third party liability (OC) motor insurance. Consequently, every aggrieved person may demand from a person who caused an accident to cover the expenses related to the vehicle repair, treatment and rehabilitation from their private budget.
Motor third party liability insurance
Insurance companies introduce new offers to their motor insurance, which could be of help if you cause an accident on e-scooter. Please remember that some of them can speed up to 30 km/h, so consequences may be really costly.
A policy for the users of electric scooter and other personal transportation vehicles is nothing else than third party liability insurance in private life, which is an insurance for damages incurred by the person who had a questionable pleasure of crashing with a new urban e-reality. Such a policy not only can save substantial cash reserves, but also nerves related to the verdict of being guilty or innocent, as well as to the amount of damages. Peace is priceless.
LINK4 is one of the insurance companies offering such a policy, among other things for users of scooters. The important thing is that its offer covers damages caused in the entire Europe, so you can peacefully ride your scooter through Paris, London or Berlin – of course, in the first place, always with safety in mind.
Third party liability insurance for ecocyclists is available for clients who decide to buy third party liability or motor hull (auto casco) insurance at LINK4. Costs? Only PLN 25 for the whole year. Sum insured?? The sum insured amounts to PLN 25,000.
If you are a fan of two wheels, you should definitely take out third party liability insurance for scooter – just in case, for your peace of mind. Now with Citi Handlowy card you can get 20% discount for third party liability or third party liability and motor hull (auto casco) insurance from LINK4.

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