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What do you gain when you pay with a Citi Handlowy card?

Imagine a situation where you buy your dream thing with a credit card and, additionally, you receive many other benefits. Sounds like a fairytale? Make it happen with Citi Handlowy card!

Credit card? Winning a lottery
We tend to give up cash in favor of a card ever more frequently. We do it for convenience and security, but, besides that, additional benefits, such as a Great Credit Card Lottery, are also encouraging. After the winter and spring editions of the lottery, Citi Handlowy has just organized a summer edition, where you can win iPhone XS 256 GB and many other prizes, such as vouchers to:
  • IKEA,
  • Empik,
  • Multikino,
  • Calypso.
What should you do to participate in the Citi lottery? There are only 3 easy steps!
  1. Register in Citibank online
  2. Pay for your everyday shopping with your credit card
  3. Every transaction amounting to PLN 50 or more gives you a chance to win
What else do you gain when you pay with a Citi Handlowy credit card?
Lottery is not all – under the Citi Specials program, paying with a Citi Handlowy credit card guarantees you discounts for offers at more than 300 of our partners! Do you enjoy delicious cuisine and trips to interesting places? Citi Handlowy credit card will be just perfect for you.

Are you a collector? Collect priceless memories with the Priceless Specials program. Do it all on the fly, during your daily shopping when you pay with your credit card. It’s easy, quick and convenient – and also... very beneficial!
Citi Handlowy credit card means:
  • comfort – you do not have to carry cash and wait for change,
  • safety – CitiAlerts app informs you of every transaction,
  • discounts – you save up to 50% at more than 300 of our partners,
  • access to pre-sales – a concert of your favorite artist? With Citi Handlowy, you can be one of the first owners of the tickets and you surely will not miss any occasion,
  • 56 days interest-free – pay now, repay later,
  • points – paying with your card, you collect points that you can later exchange for prizes,
  • card loan – a bigger purchase? Make a quick transfer of funds from your card to your account.
As you see, paying with your Citi Handlowy credit card brings plenty of benefits – starting with the lottery, through attractive discounts, to access to pre-sales and additional cash. You just have to apply! Can you find this at your bank?
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