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Wallet? A phone is enough – pay contactless with Google Pay!

A wallet, a phone, a card. You no longer have to worry about it. Remember only to take the thing you can’t leave your house without! Phone payments with Google Pay are a quick and convenient solution, which will make your everyday shopping easier and you will no longer need a wallet.

Google Pay contactless payment – where can you use it?
You are surely wondering if phone payments will be actually available everywhere where you usually pay by card. Let us cast away your doubts! Use Google Pay and make contactless payments with your phone everywhere where regular proximity payments are available. Thus, you will neither need your wallet nor even your card when paying for your everyday shopping or coffee at a café. Your smartphone is enough – you don’t go out without it anyway!
Google Pay – is it actually secure?
For some time there has been a lot of talk about online security, data confidentiality and securing our money. However, it seems that paying by card is still more secure than paying by cash. You can easily lose your money or wallet – on public transport, in a queue or on the street. When it comes to a card, it’s completely different! The same applies to proximity payments with a phone or a watch. Google Pay payments don’t differ from the ones made by card, but they are much more convenient, as you pay with your smartphone.
Google Pay phone payment – how does it work?
You doubt that making contactless payments with a phone is a good idea, because you think it’s complicated? You couldn’t be more wrong! There are only 3 easy steps:
  • Download the Google Pay app to your phone
  • Register your card.
  • Pay for your everyday shopping!
Benefits of Google Pay contactless payments
  • Convenience – paying with a phone is quick and you do not have to carry your wallet with you.
  • The same benefits – when paying by card you collect loyalty points and you can use the chargeback function – it’s exactly the same with Google Pay.
  • Availability – the app is completely free of charge and available at the Google Play store.
  • Not only physical stores – Google Pay payments are available also under the Przelewy24 service. Thus, you can easily pay also at online stores!
Wallet? You no longer need it! Now you can pay much more comfortably with Google Pay, always whenever you need it – just unlock your phone and touch it against the terminal – experience the convenience of proximity payments already today!

Google Pay Now Available For Citi Handlowy Mastercard Cards

Now you can leave your wallet behind and shop with your phone only. Just add your Citi Handlowy Mastercard card to Google Pay. You pay the same way as with a plastic card – make sure your phone is awake and hold it to the terminal.

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