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#TeamCiti – 41 Para-Athletes on the Road to the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

With less than a year to go until the Summer Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Citi announces worldwide, including in Poland, the roster of 41 athletes who form #TeamCiti. Team Citi will support the mission of changing social perceptions towards disability and of promoting the Paralympic Movement. There are two outstanding Para-Athletes in #TeamCiti who represent Poland.

Citi has just announced the full list of Para-athletes who comprise #TeamCiti – a differentiated group that gathers 41 athletes from 20 countries who will compete in 13 different sports at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. Exceptional athletes – Citi Ambassadors – will support the organization's global efforts with the purpose of promoting a more diverse and inclusive society and of helping to change the perceptions of persons with disabilities.
#TeamCiti gathers athletes from 20 countries and consists of 22 women and 19 men aged 17-50, including two veterans – one from the United States and one from Australia. In #TeamCiti there are also two Para-athletes from Poland – Natalia Partyka, a four-time Paralympic champion and the only athlete in the history to represent her country at the Olympic and Paralympic Games three times in a row, and Maciej Lepiato, a two-time Paralympic champion, a four-time world champion and a present world-record holder in disabled persons’ high jump. So far, the members of this elite group of #TeamCiti have taken part in Paralympic Games 85 times in total, winning 93 medals. The actions taken by Team Citi members will be promoted in social media via #TeamCiti hashtag.
Together with Citi, we are changing social perceptions towards disability and Para-athletes by promoting the Paralympic Movement. I am happy to be a part of Team Citi and to act for this cause,” said Natalia Partyka.
In May 2019, Citi in Poland announced its partnership with the Polish Paralympic Committee and support for the two Polish Paralympic champions – Natalia Partyka and Maciej Lepiato. The co-operation was officially launched at the Gala which was to celebrate 20 years of the Polish Paralympic Committee, where Natalia Partyka and Maciej Lepiato, together with other exceptional athletes, were awarded with statuettes of the best athletes of the past 20 years.  
- We have committed ourselves to the Paralympic Movement because for us Para-athletes can be a role model of strength, resoluteness, perseverance in striving after goals, and effectiveness in overcoming one’s own limitations. We admire them for their sports achievements as we know that those successes are only possible due to great effort and hard work. At the same time, thanks to their optimism and energy, those athletes can inspire others and give them strength to act. All of this deserves our admiration and respect, and above all, our awareness and attention  -says Sławomir S. Sikora, President of Citi Handlowy’s Management Board and Citi Country Officer in Poland. - At Citi, we want to change the social perceptions towards disabilities by promoting Paralympic sports and encouraging everyone to support members of our Paralympic team on their road to Tokyo as well as during the very Paralympic Games next year. This is our contribution to the huge social change and formation of the society that accepts and embraces diversity.
#TeamCiti – this hashtag has to be remembered as there are two Polish names in the group of the world's best athletes: Natalia Partyka and Maciej Lepiato. Moreover, the Polish Paralympic Committee, as one of 18 national committees around the globe, has partnered  with Citi for one year already. This is a huge honor for us. We are witnessing a revolution. Poland's Paralympic Movement has been appreciated in Poland and abroad – it is gaining strength. I would like to express my acknowledgement for this partnership. We build the future of Paralympic Movement together,” said Łukasz Szeliga, President of the Polish Paralympic Committee, with great satisfaction.
In December 2018, Citi announced its co-operation with the International Paralympic Committee and 18 national Paralympic committees, including the Polish one. Since then, over 12,000 Citi’s employees from 15 countries have participated in the events related to supporting Paralympic Movement, including #CitiVolunteers who have been assisting athletes during the events.
Citi will support #TeamCiti members during the upcoming sport events, including current World Para Swimming Championships in London and the World Para Athletics Championships in Dubai in November, and finally – the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.
Below please find the full list of #TeamCiti members, along with the athletes’ countries of origin, the sports discipline they represent and the number of medals they won.

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