Some people still remember the days when each door had a plaque with the names of the residents. And now, it’s difficult to even imagine such a situation. The times have changed, and our personal data have become a desired commodity. How much is your name, phone number a...

24 July 2018

When thinking about security, you must not forget about your phone. This is because devices carried by us in our pockets on a daily basis constitute a priceless source of information and a gateway through which someone might reach for our money.

18 July 2018

The cyberspace may be as dangerous as the real world. Sometimes you simply respond to an e-mail allegedly sent by your bank, and you find yourself in a blind alley. Criminals have a proven tool to back their victims into a corner: phishing. This tool is used ever more of...

25 June 2018

Since smartphones became popular, we have started to buy everything online – from toys to clothes and furniture, concert tickets, food, and books. We also book faraway holidays and theater tickets. We make online payments every day using different devices. How can you ma...

30 April 2018

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