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5 ways how can using your credit card for daily expenses help you

A credit card can grant you access to better price offers. Credit cards offer their holders loyalty programs, which can give them access to fantastic discounts and, moreover, often provide them with additional services at a very low price or even free of charge.travelling.

It is important to know how you can take advantage of all the possibilities offered by your credit card while shopping or travelling.
1. Easy access to additional funds
When planning a larger purchase, we often look for a possibility to access additional funds. With a credit card, we can take out a quick loan up to PLN 150,000, which can be repaid even in 60 installments. The funds will be available on your account on that same day, to be repaid in equal monthly installments.
2. Convert your transactions into convenient installments
Most credit cards offer a grace period for non-cash transactions of up to 56 days. However, there is also an option to convert a transaction made with your credit cards into installments. This solution is gaining in popularity. The transaction can then be repaid in low monthly fixed-rate installments.
3. Secure shopping
All transactions made with a credit card are covered by multiple security measures. They include verification via a phone, Citi Alerts notification sent via an SMS and e-mail, microchips built into the card and PIN authorization. Furthermore, credit card holders can opt for an additional security measure – credit card insurance. Recently, banks have started to offer their customers the ‘chargeback’ service. You can use it when you have not received a service or product you paid for. Your bank can then, on your behalf, submit a request to return the funds to a given supplier.
4. Credit card useful while travelling
A credit card during a journey is like cash in the wallet, with the exception that it is much safer to travel with a card. Do you know that credit cards are accepted in many more places in the world than debit cards? Moreover, thanks to a credit card you can easily rent a car, book a hotel, or buy a plane ticket. To those who travel a lot, banks offer cards with special travel benefits, e.g. the PremierMiles credit card. Travelers can also use attractive FX solutions, discounts at cards’ partners, or many other privileges, thanks to which their journey will be an even nicer experience.
5. Loyalty points
Many cards offer loyalty programs under which credit card holders obtain points for using their card. These points can be later exchanged for prizes, PAYBACK points, discounts at the program’s partners, air miles and many more. To compare the card types and choose the one tha suits you best, click here.
Useful tips while using a credit card
  • Repay your card debt every month
  • Buy at stores which are partners of your card’s loyalty programs
  • Use your card for everyday expenses to collect points
  • Observe safety rules when making online payments with a card
Did you know that...?

What is the difference between a credit card and a debit card? While using a debit card you pay with funds available on your account. In the case of a credit card, you borrow money from the bank.
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