Homemy blogIs it the end of an era for traditional wallets? All you need to know about digital wallets.
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Is it the end of an era for traditional wallets? All you need to know about digital wallets.

Technology impacts our daily life. Every part of our lives is related to technology in one way or another. This applies to the way we pay, too. Smartphones are driving us into a cashless world. 

Google Pay (Android Pay till latest)  is the latest example of such revolution. By combining native features of smartphones with Android technology, it lets us make easy payments using only our… phone.
Poland has become leader in cashless payments. Poles like the “tap-and-go” technology that allows you to make PLN 50-below payments without entering your PIN. According to data of Poland’s Central Bank, the contactless payment-enabled cards were 79.5% of all cards in the Polish market as of late September 2017, which means there were over 30 million such cards being used at that time.
Dominating share of the Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled Android smartphones and Poles’ openness to innovation make Poland a perfect ground for launching Google Pay.

Sprzedaż smartfonów w Polsce: Android - 89%, iPhone - 11%; | ThinkApple

Polski oddział firmy analitycznej IDC przedstawił raport o sprzedaży smartfonów w Polsce w pierwszym kwartale 2017 r. 89% sprzedanych w tym czasie smartfonów to telefony z Androidem, a 11% z iOS. „Udział pozostałych systemów operacyjnych był symboliczny” – czytamy w raporcie. […]

Easy to use and convenient, the app is expected by many to be a huge success in Poland.

How does Android Pay work in practice?
Digital Payment News  Digital payment volumes continue to rise in Poland with Google Pay being one of the most popular apps last year. The number of Google Pay’s users doubled within just 6 months. People like Google Pay as it is safe, compatible with most of the terminals, supported by many Polish banks and, most important, it is free. Google announced that it would continue to work on further simplification of Google Pay that will be soon rebranded to a new name - Google Pay, and we may expect app’s next enhancements to come in the future.

To see how easy it is to set up Google Pay, click here

Google Pay Teraz Dostępny dla kart Citi Handlowy Mastercard

Teraz możesz wyjść na zakupy tylko z telefonem. Wystarczy dodać kartę Citi Handlowy Mastercard do aplikacji Google Pay. Płatności dokonasz tak samo, jak zwykłą kartą – wystarczy wybudzić telefon i zbliżyć go do terminala.

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