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A run for health – how to start training?

The crowded cardio zones at the gym, runners along the running routes and numerous bike tire tracks – these are an everyday image now. What has caused masses of Poles to start to get in shape? How should one exercise and do it wisely?

Why is a healthy lifestyle so popular?

In Poland, there are currently around 2,500 different fitness clubs and gyms. They are visited by 2.8 million people a year, who pay nearly PLN 3.7 billion. It is safe to say that the broadly defined workout and a healthy approach to everyday life has already become Poles’ lifestyle. Why? We have simply become more informed. We know that exercise is a key to a better life. This truth is especially recognized by better-educated and wealthier people. They constitute clearly the largest group among those working out.
Why is it important to exercise?

The answer is simple – for one’s own sake. Working out has endless advantages. We have decided to divide them into 3 categories:
1) benefits for the body – losing weight, having an attractive, sculpted body, improving stamina, strength and fitness, looking younger
2) benefits for the mind – better well-being, reduced stress, higher concentration level, more optimistic attitude
3) health benefits – positive influence on the heart, joints, muscles, metabolism, the immune system, improved blood oxygen levels and sleep quality.
How to get off the couch and log out of Facebook?

Nobody could sell you a perfect solution that will be 100% effective in getting you off the couch and running to the gym. However, there are a few ways worth testing.
Buy a gym subscription for a longer time – many people are encouraged to leave the house by the sole fact of spending money. Of course, you shouldn’t bite more than you can chew and overburden your wallet. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of subscription discounts. To our customers, we can recommend Citi Specials, which can give them 15% discounts at CityFit clubs.

Swimming pool and a bike could be a good idea. These activities don’t burden the body, and especially joints, as much.

Train with someone else – anyone… make a date with friends, family, colleagues or neighbors. This will create interdependence and make you motivate each other – after all, you have already promised someone a training session
Stay minimalistic – a training session doesn’t have to last 90 minutes. You can start with 10 or 20 minutes at home. A few push-ups, squats, bars, dumbbells, crunches.
A secret of a safe training 

It is worth noting that an intense workout is not recommended to everyone. It is worth going to the doctor first. Where? To start with, it is recommended to visit a GP and confess everything, so that they can refer you for additional tests. It pays off... especially if you have private medical care, which makes everything quicker and is more convenient. We also recommend using the Citi Specials program and pay for medical tests, e.g. at Lux-Med, with a 5% discount.
What should you do if a fitness workout, crossfit or weights are not for you? Swimming pool and a bike could be a good idea. These activities don’t burden the body, and especially joints, as much. Indoor swimming pools are available any time of the year.

A bike, on the other hand, is also a good means of transport in a city – in order to start, you only need Veturilo with the Citi Handlowy Bikes app. It will help you plan your route and training, display calories burnt, and inform you of the ending time of free rental. However, whichever type of exercises you choose, remember to warm up first and stretch after the workout, and to do the exercises the right way – make sure to do that from the very start before you develop bad habits. May the force be with you!
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