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On your own or with a travel agency – how to organize a perfect holiday?

The holiday season is just around the corner. And so is the ever-existing dilemma. Should you organize your trip on your own or entrust it to travel agencies? We can safely say that... both answers are correct. It all depends on what you really want when traveling around the world.

With a travel agency 

Looking for a good hotel, checking its rating and location, finding flights and transport... This can be a huge challenge before your holidays when you are finishing the last projects at work and preparing to go. This is what travel agencies are for. They can take care of every organizational issue for you and often offer interesting additional options. Depending on what you are looking for, it can be free time animation for children, a romantic dinner on the beach at sunset or visiting a whiskey distillery. The prices are often affordable, oftentimes comparable to rooms available on airbnb.pl or in small hostels. When you travel with an agency, there is also one additional advantage. If anything goes wrong, you can always count on the possibility to claim your rights and receive at least a partial reimbursement of costs from the agency.

f you feel such holidays are for you, it is especially beneficial to take a look at the unique offer of the Citi Specials program. With the Benefit Program, you will have access to tourist offers of over 70 Polish and German travel agencies, including TUI, Neckermann or Itaka. And that is not all – at the very beginning, we can offer you a discount of up to 5%!
Traveling on your own 

If you have specific travel plans, it will be a challenge to find an appropriate offer at a travel agency that meets all our expectations. Planning the trip on your own allows you to consider each and every important aspect – no need for a compromise on location, length of your holidays, transport or means of communication. It also means that you are flexible while traveling – in case the hotel is uncomfortable, or there are shingle beaches or annoying neighbors. What do you do then? If you are not bound by a contract, you can just... pack your stuff and move somewhere else. You are also more flexible in terms of the trip costs in general. You can reduce them by e.g. buying airline tickets six months earlier or rent a car and visit places that are surely not available while traveling with an agency. Remember to buy a travel insurance, which is not guaranteed if you are planning a trip on your own.

If you appreciate independence when traveling, you should check out the discount offer of Citi Specials. In the Benefit Program, you can count on 5-20% discounts at well-known hotels in Poland and abroad, such as Holiday Inn, or pay 10% less for renting a car at AVIS or EUROPACAR.

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