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Trends on a plate... – on the trail of culinary experiences of Poles

Poles are ever more eager to eat out. The new culinary habits in Poland are based on global trends. They mainly have to do with product quality, the fashionable vegetarianism, and zero waste movement, all of which aim to reduce wasting food, among other things.

Know your onions – about culinary experiments
Eco, bio, and fit are words that come up when discussing diets and healthy lifestyles. We are forgetting about fast foods and switching to being slow. We are starting to appreciate quality and more often than not prefer to pay more for a high-quality product. We opt for good quality meat from local producers – without improvement agents or additives, vegetables bought directly from a farm, and ingredients whose production is environmentally friendly – e.g. oils from socially responsible plantations.

A trend that significantly gained in popularity in 2017 is vegan cuisine. Vegan restaurants are visited not only by enthusiasts of this diet but also by people exploring new flavors or enjoying experiments. We discover old and familiar flavors anew: baked beetroot and Brussels sprouts, kale and fruit smoothies, all types of groats or baked sweet potatoes... with tahini sauce. Plus, vegan equivalents of traditionally meat dishes, such as vegetable-only pâtes or stews.

Whatever their preferences, all gourmets agree on one thing – it is important to prevent wasting food. There are new cooking blogs and books, which give you tips on how to use lunch or dinner leftovers. “Zero waste cooking” is a new global culinary trend. And restaurants are more and more eager to talk to night shelters and try to pass them the excess food.
Comfort food – delicious, but where? 

If we already know what’s trendy, it is worth checking which restaurants are visited the most. Pad thai for the so-called foodies – people interested in good food – is no longer a rare delicacy. Hummus, sushi, pizza or burgers, though still popular, are slowly giving way to edible flowers, algae tacos or dishes from Hawaiian or Filipino cuisine.

The products that are increasingly more desirable are cactus water, matcha tea, Curcuma comosa, goji berries or jackfruit. They have been constantly in high demand since it became possible to travel to the most faraway places. When we come back to our local yard, we search for new flavors discovered during holidays at restaurants and at the ever better-stocked street markets and supermarkets.

This sentimental approach to food is one of the latest trends, which has already been named – “comfort food”, that is dishes and products that have positive connotations. For some, it will be spaghetti carbonara or chicken soup, for others – muhammara, kimchi or rocket soup with goat’s cheese.
#CitiSpecials – a serving of discounts on discovering flavors 

Do you miss the flavors of holidays? Is kitchen your kingdom? Or maybe you enjoy cooking with your friends? We have something special for you – an easy way to savor dishes and not go bankrupt. What is it? Citi Specials – a program which offers you discounts to restaurants, even up to 55%. Moreover, it also gives you discounts to online shops, such as Frisco.pl. The discounts will allow you to experiment with food to your heart’s content, without making a dent in your wallet.

Citi Specials, however, is much more than just a set of discounts to exquisite restaurants. It is also a place where you can save money on sports, art, entertainment, health, clothes and other purchases – Citi Special offers discounts to 245 partners (and counting).

Whether you like traditional flavors or hints of the Orient and whether you use the Citi Specials discounts or not, remember one thing... a meal at a restaurant with friends is always of value.
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