The holiday season is just around the corner. And so is the ever-existing dilemma. Should you organize your trip on your own or entrust it to travel agencies? We can safely say that... both answers are correct. It all depends on what you really want when traveling around...

21 May 2018

Poles are ever more eager to eat out. The new culinary habits in Poland are based on global trends. They mainly have to do with product quality, the fashionable vegetarianism, and zero waste movement, all of which aim to reduce wasting food, among other things.

20 April 2018

Food expenses and for other basic necessities represent only one fourth of our household budgets. The fact that the amounts we can spend on pleasures and less basic products are constantly increasing proves that we are growing wealthy. 

20 April 2018

The crowded cardio zones at the gym, runners along the running routes and numerous bike tire tracks – these are an everyday image now. What has caused masses of Poles to start to get in shape? How should one exercise and do it wisely?

20 April 2018

For years, Poles have regularly taken top positions among nations with the highest consumer IQ. Apparently, our purchasing decisions set example in terms of exercising reason and self-control, and comparing offers. Why is smart shopping such a success?

17 April 2018

Citi Handlowy is launching a new client benefit platform that will combine all the previous benefit programs offered by the bank so far. A wide selection of discounts offered by the program partners, special offers, loyalty point redemption and much more will be now avai...

2 March 2018