Whether a trip is a success or not depends hugely on a positive attitude. It’s difficult to enjoy it, though, if the taxi driver is late and your hotel room looks nothing like the photos. Thankfully, such situations belong in the past.

10 September 2018

According to a survey by Diners Club Polska, 70% of Poles are planning to go on vacation in 2018. And everybody knows that when you’re on vacation, you indulge more and reach deeper in your pocket. How to spend money wisely and not empty your wallet completely?

10 September 2018

You never know what weather to expect on the Baltic coast, but you can safely bet that countries in Southern Europe – Greece, Turkey, Italy or Spain – will offer hot weather. They always do. Even rain, which is difficult to come by, does not affect the heat. There is, ho...

18 July 2018

The holiday season is just around the corner. And so is the ever-existing dilemma. Should you organize your trip on your own or entrust it to travel agencies? We can safely say that... both answers are correct. It all depends on what you really want when traveling around...

21 May 2018