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This trip will make you love delays

Whether a trip is a success or not depends hugely on a positive attitude. It’s difficult to enjoy it, though, if the taxi driver is late and your hotel room looks nothing like the photos. Thankfully, such situations belong in the past.

Trip with a capital “T” 

Eminent company, elegant dinners, discreet service – luxurious trips have always attracted many people. They are continuously symbolized by the Orient Express. In the 19th and 20th century, the route of this extraordinary train was between Paris and Istanbul. During the 70-hour travel, wealthy enthusiasts of the Orient had many facilities at their disposal. Those who could not afford this luxury, were able to absorb the rich atmosphere of wealth through the books of Agatha Christie or Graham Greene. Nowadays, the Orient Express has been replaced by planes, and every day airlines try to outdo one another in ways to satisfy their affluent clients. If you’d like to read – and watch – what first class has to offer, go to:

Five-star cuisine and zero gravity – how about flying first class?

In 2017, 43 airlines worldwide offered first class seats. This is by 9 fewer than several years before. However, despite the visible downward trend, carriers are trying to outdo one another implementing ever newer and more luxurious convenient solutions.

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A contemporary version of the Orient Express 

A contemporary luxurious travel already starts on the way to the airport. While electric engines already existed towards the end of the 19th century, today you can be slightly more... comfortable when travelling to the airport. Time passes much quicker in a comfortable limousine with a private chauffeur than in a taxi cab, on a train or a bus. Citigold Private Clients can take advantage of this opportunity five times a year. Even an ordinary business trip can then become a real pleasure.
Eminent company in a cosy lounge

Arrival at the airport doesn’t mean the end of comfort. When others wait, tired, for their flight, Citi clients can spend that time in one of the 1,200 executive lounges worldwide. There they have a well-stuffed bar, current press and snacks waiting for them. At the lounge, you can also charge your electronic devices and freshen up. As the success of a trip depends greatly on a good company, your travel companions can use the facilities of the executive lounge with you.
Tickets to Carnegie Hall, please.

And who will replace a butler in the 21st century? You don’t need to worry about organizing your trip. An elite concierge will not only take care of buying tickets and booking hotels, but also organize your time after you land by finding interesting cultural events you can attend – and booking passes. A different time zone is not a problem because a professional advisor is at your disposal 24/7. With this care about the client’s comfort, taking a seat in first class is only the icing on a delicious cake, which makes you wish the trip didn’t have to end.
The art of receiving guests

It has definitely not been lost in our times and the best restaurants with sophisticated cuisine are now very popular and successful. Booking a table – or a private room – in the most prestigious ones is not a piece of cake. The privileges of Citigold clients mean, however, that no door is closed, and once you open them, you have a plethora of, usually unavailable, possibilities at your disposal.

If you want to dazzle your companions with an outfit during a meeting, why not use some assistance? With the Citigold Private Client offer, shopping at renowned boutiques all over the world is nothing but pleasure. Citigold clients can choose from: tailor-made outfits, free advice of a stylist, discounts on fashionable outfits or on subscription of lifestyle magazines.

How about... the sound of waves?

In 1889, the entire travel with the Orient Express took trifling 67 hours. Today, we can travel longer distances in a few hours. For those who would like to enjoy unique travelling conditions a while longer, a yacht cruise could be a perfect idea. Vast sea, salty breeze and incomparable comfort – plus an expedition that measures up to that from Europe to Turkey. If you charter a boat, the waters in the European basins will no longer have any secrets from you.

Travelling with Citigold Private Client is a pleasure that the passengers of the Orient Express could only dream about.
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