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The art of smart shopping

For years, Poles have regularly taken top positions among nations with the highest consumer IQ. Apparently, our purchasing decisions set example in terms of exercising reason and self-control, and comparing offers. Why is smart shopping such a success?

Count on yourself – be smart
Nowadays, when new collections are introduced every month and there are a dozen sales in a year for different occasions and with different slogans, it is a challenge to make the right purchasing decisions. . Surveys conducted by GFK Polonia indicate that nearly 50% of Poles already admit to being smart shoppers and thus aspire to the title of a conscious consumer. Our perception is corroborated by international reports of, e.g., VISA and The Future Foundation.  
Making deliberate purchases allows you not only to make measurable savings, but also to improve your management of the household budget – without downgrading your standard of living, but with maintaining control over the so-called financial safety cushion.

How can you make sure you adopt a smart purchasing strategy?
* You look for the lowest price for the same quality – or, simply, you buy in a way that grants you the best benefit;
* Your decisions are based on your actual needs;
* You look out for sales, special offers and price reductions.
Discount hunters, or what we like to buy the most

A report by KPMG from December 2017 titled “Sales and special offers – on changing shopping habits of Poles” showed that nearly every second Pole (49%) postpones their purchasing decisions until the product is on special offer or sale. Furthermore, as many as 76% of respondents claim that what encourages them the most to shop during price reduction and discount seasons is low price. Meanwhile, the percentage of people making typical spontaneous purchases is decreasing, down to 44% for women and 33% for men.

On the other hand, according to the survey “Smart bargains – shopping habits of Poles” 25% of Poles are looking for special offers... on a regular basis. The people that are the most interested in discounts earn between PLN 3 and 7 thousand. Interestingly, this approach does not decrease in inverse proportion to higher earnings – 16% of people with income over PLN 10 thousand admit to still looking for special offers and hunting for the best bargains.
From a smartphone to smart shopping 

To see the full picture, we should combine the data on purchasing habits of Poles with the e-Commerce trend. It turns out that the more we use the Internet, the less money we spend and the more deliberate our purchases become.  When buying online, price is what we focus on the most – this is the criterion by which we choose a certain product or vendor. This is caused mainly by the fact that we cannot directly assess the material or the quality of performance. And the Internet abounds in ever cheaper products and services.

Bargains can be found through price comparison websites, auction websites, newsletters, coupons or discount programs offered by different institutions, such as banks. A great example of such a program is Citi Specials, a discount platform which offers discounts of up to 50% at almost 300 partner companies.

Apart from beneficial discounts in various categories, such as shopping, restaurants or travels, program beneficiaries can win prizes and invitations to special events. All you need to do is follow the website of the program: https://www.online.citibank.pl/citispecials/  .

But that is not all for experienced bargain hunters – here you can watch Citi Handlowy webinar on the best shopping strategies called “Sales all year round or the Polish way of smart shopping”. Watch the video with Szafeczka.com how to shop smartly!
Why are we increasingly more “smart”? Because the key to saving is an easy and quick access to information on discounts. And, for the most part, you only need to have a smartphone in your pocket to have that access – a few clicks and done! Actual savings are within your reach. An intense technological development, increasing consumer awareness as regards both product quality and prices as well as progressing globalization and free trade – all these factors combined have contributed to the emergence of a new type of a customer – smart shopper.

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