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5 fitness trends in 2019

Fitness from the beginning of a new year – this thought appears in the minds of many people who plan their New Year's resolutions. Have you thought about the most popular way to train in 2019? One thing is certain: there will be some significant changes!

How to be fit in 2019? 
The willingness to change a lifestyle starting from the beginning of a new year very often motivates us to be more active in practicing sports. Although most of us prefer to start with group activities and there are growing queues of those willing to start HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which is currently popular, more individual forms of sports activities are equally desirable. How will we train in 2019?
Trend 1 – Personalized training
This is one of the most often announced fitness trends for 2019. Despite the fact that most often we start our adventure with sport in a group, later on we continue individually. We demand more and more from ourselves, we prefer individual exercising. We use all types of applications which check the parameters of our vital functions. All for the sake of measuring the performance of our bodies, and time – which is ever more important to us. Link to the discount at CitiFIT for holders of the Citi Handlowy card

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Trend 2 – Shorter training sessions
In 2019 the length of our training sessions will be reduced. We will optimize the time spent at the gym, trying to exercise more intensively. Quality will definitely prevail over quantity. The main motivation of the exercising people will be the maximum utilization of their skills in the shortest possible time.
Trend 3 – Digital coaching 
Optimization of the time intended for exercising in 2019 will reach beyond the gym area. We will be willing to benefit from such time to the fullest – for example by jogging every day. Audio tracks with a coach voice giving instructions when covering subsequent kilometers are becoming more and more popular. Additionally, intelligent technology will allow us to monitor the bodily effort e.g. pulse and blood pressure. Smartwatches and wearables are definitely the tune of 2019! And the sound of music during a workout will be replaced with sports advice which will motivate you for further efforts.
Trend 4 – Sleep and regenerate 
Effort equals rest. Systematic rest. We all know very well that we will not achieve good results without rest, but not all of us remember about that. Training our brain when running will be much easier if we make sure that it is well rested. Unfortunately, problems with sleep very often result from stress. There are many techniques to eliminate its effects. Meditation, relaxation or visits at SPA are beneficial not only for our bodies but also minds. Additionally, holders of the Citi Specials card may benefit from discounts for SPA services offered by program partners. We are well aware that nothing is more relaxing than the time for ourselves.
Trend 5 – Sports awareness 
In this new year we will be more diligent – this is what researchers believe. We will pay more attention to the way we perform activities. More important than the number of repetitions will be the way we perform a particular activity. The same may apply to food we consume between trainings. Lunch box diet with carefully measured calories or specialist catering are the things which remain the most popular. Holders of the Citi Handlowy card may benefit from a 5% discount for Be Diet Catering. All of this to enjoy good health. We pay attention to what we eat, how we exercise and how much time we spend at the gym. We keep our fingers crossed that we all remember about good habits all year round!
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