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Gift ideas: memories are the best you can give to your beloved ones

There can be many different gift ideas. Starting with nicely packaged jewelry, through beautiful perfumes, to gilded cufflinks. But unique experiences, which will be the greatest memories of your beloved ones, can also be original gifts. So, what can you arrange? We would like to present the most unforgettable and exciting gift ideas!

Special gifts: fly me to the... Dubai!
When you’re looking for something special, every now and then you come up with another gift idea. The most memorable things are our memories. And it is memories that are the best thing you can give to your beloved ones. Instead of wandering through shops with luxurious trinkets, pick an unforgettable trip to one of the most interesting places on Earth.
Dubai. The city of glass skyscrapers, exclusive shops and supercars, which fill both men and women with admiration. Take your beloved one on the board of the Emirates airlines and be transported to a fairy-tale world of sheikhs. But before you take your seats on the plane, make sure that you start making memories already during travel to the airport. Order a limousine with a driver and feel like in the best movie. And when you land in Dubai, visit Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world, and admire the incredible city panorama. The view will be exclusive for sure, and this gift will become the best memory you could give.
Ideas for original gifts: I'm sailing
Imagine this – bright sun rays reflecting on the hot water surface, waves hitting the yacht’s hull and you. Sounds great? If you both are keen on sailing, a charter of a luxurious yacht and a cruise you go on together on European waters will be the most memorable memory
Your beloved one will be able to hear on his/her own the sea adventure calling and feel the breeze, which will wake him/her up every day. To this add incredible sunrises and sunsets, sunbathing on a private board and exceptional calmness, which will sooth your shattered nerves. In this way, an original gift idea will be the one which will remain in the heart of your beloved one forever.
Home sweet home
And how about living somewhere else in Europe – even for a week or two? It is not about an ordinary stay at a hotel with full service and board, but about a private house. At a lake, in the mountains, by the sea, with a private swimming pool or beach. Your choice depends on the taste of your beloved one.
If you don’t know what he/she dreams of, just ask him/her. Sometimes it is better to ask directly and be sure that your gift idea will be spot-on. Some dream of a retreat in the Polish mountains, others cannot stop thinking of a view on azure sea and exotic palm trees. Renting a house in such a place is more than a traditional holiday. You can go to the market, buy local products and prepare various delicacies in your own kitchen. And then eat tasty meals on your terrace and admire the incredible landscape. Even such an apparently small thing can make your beloved one feel at home – in a house which is a paradise on Earth.
Memories are the best gift ideas. Something that becomes embedded in the memory, remains there forever and captures senses. Something that makes dreams come true and is a kind of magic. But you will not need a magic wand – just a Citi Handlowy bank card. Our advisors will help you book a private yacht, limousine, house or flight to the furthest corner of the world – with a discount, of course. And the rest of the money you can spend on a luxurious dinner at a restaurant and celebration with your beloved ones.
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