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The best idea for a gift for him for up to PLN 200

You are facing a real challenge! What to buy to make him happy? And another thing, what to choose so as not to be reduced to beggary? Gifts for him are a complicated issue. Socks are out of the question, obviously! A new Ferrari is not within your reach either. Still, there are things that can please him and make your purse happy even a little! Discover the best ideas for a gift for him for up to PLN 200!

A man of success, or a gift for a professional
You have browsed all the pages in the Internet with suggestions what to buy and the case seems lost. You do not necessarily want to give him an engraved beer mug. A gift for a man should match him. So, focus! If your partner, son, father-in-law, father or brother spends long hours in the office, maybe something he can use every day may come in handy. In such a case, the best idea for a gift for him for up to PLN 200 will be a belt, shirt, tiepins or cufflinks. An ordinary accessory as it may be, it is a perfect complement of everyday, smart look. But remember to pick rather subdued colors, unless you are 100% sure that the man you buy a gift for is keen on gaudy patterns and colors.

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An idea for an original gift for a fit freak
When you are still sleeping tight, he’s jogging in the park, setting his new personal best. And his biggest enemies are palm oil and sugar. Maybe you do not know it yet, but these 2 facts will bring you a gift success! Instead of seeking a handbook in the book store, which will eventually end up in the closet, give him something that matches his interests and life style. The best gift idea in this case may be a gym membership or a personal training with a professional instructor. At the same time, your beloved man will receive quite a dose of good energy and endorphins.
Car maniac
You will not persuade him to clean the kitchen or bathroom, but when it comes to his car, it’s the apple of his eye. He likes to wash it and will notice even the smallest scratch. His eyes are completely fixed on it. Maybe this is not a Bugatti, but who cares. If you want to buy a gift for up to PLN 200 for a car maniac, order him a part for his car. This may be something which will pimp it up or something completely prosaic. You should try to cleverly discuss this issue with the man you want to give a gift to. Another method is to ask his friends, you know how it is. Men talk about two things – cars and football!
A gift for a man who likes to read
Always reading a book when he is on a running track or exercise bike. Got stuck in a traffic jam, he is listening to his favorite writer. He relaxes while reading detective novels, but he is also quite keen on interesting reportages from the other side of the world. Such man knows that words are powerful and can take the reader into a world which will be, literally, fascinating. But do you know what will be a great gift for him? The best idea for a gift for him will naturally be a book! Still, you should be careful and select one which has not landed in his broad book collection already! So take a good look at it, you can even make some pictures so that nothing escapes your notice. You can also discreetly ask him about his favorite author or genre. Even such fragmentary information will be useful to you. From now on, your gifts will always be spot-on!
And in the end... don’t worry that you can spend a maximum of PLN 200. This amount does suffice! Thanks to the Citi Specials discounts, you can afford more, spending less. You should only use discounts offered by the partners of Citi Handlowy, and the best idea for a gift for him for up to PLN 200 will prove to be exactly what he dreamed of!
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