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5 pieces of financial advice for the new year

Do you feel like your money is living its own life? The new year gives you a chance to organize your finances. How?  It’s easy – you just need to know a few tested ideas!

First of all – planning 
It must be difficult to find anyone who goes shopping and buys only the items they need. And no wonder! Shops are full of traps set to persuade us to buy more. You were supposed to handle it now like never before, but the result is the same – apart from the necessary products, there are some not so essential items in your cart but... they were on special offer after all.
And all you should have done was prepare a regular shopping list! Of course, you also need a hint of strong willpower, but when you see the list on a piece of paper, it’s going to be easier to take only the items you are actually short of. Remember that you can plan not only shopping, but also discounts! You could find it helpful to use an app which gathers all current newsletters and discount coupons. If you don’t want to waste your time on searching for products on sale, join the Citi Specials program! It offers you permanent discounts at dozens of shops across Poland.
Secondly – think ahead
Another step on the path to “healthy” finances is planning your budget. The easiest way is to do it on a monthly basis. Where should you start?
1. Determine your fixed expenses – deduct such payments as: rent, utility bills, phone bill, installments for TV, etc. from your total budget.
2. Estimate how much you spend on everyday items – don’t throw away the receipts or put them in your wallet after having done shopping; instead, check how much you spend on food, cleaning products or cosmetics.
3. Don’t forget about unexpected expenses – a colleague invited you to a housewarming party? The fan belt in your car decided to retire? Don’t let such things surprise you and be prepared for a rainy day!
Thirdly – take care of yourself!
For the owners of gyms and fitness clubs, the new year is like Christmas – due to all the people who start the campaign “New Me”! Instead of casting spiteful looks – become one of them. If you like moving to the sounds of music, an interesting solution would be to enroll in dance classes at the Hakiel Dance Academy. Not only will they help you get a slender figure, but you will also meet passionate people and... save money! After all, membership in the CitiSpecials Benefit program entitles you to a 7% discount.
Fourth tip – regain financial independence
How should you start on the path to financial balance? The first step should be to achieve financial independence. It is possible after you have paid all your debts. How? Try to tighten your belt and give up little pleasures for a while, for example eating out or your weekly visits at the beautician’s. Some things are important, but some are even more important, and regaining full control is really worth it!
However, if the amount due is too high and the deadline is approaching mercilessly, you can, for example, take advantage of a loan with 0% commission from Citi Handlowy. The credit decision will be issued even within one hour from submitting the application, and all the formalities can be dealt with without leaving the house.
Fifth tip – relax!
Work, chores, hours spent in traffic – all that makes you tired and stressed. As a result, you have a weak immune system and are more prone to infections. That’s why you should find a moment just for yourself. Take an aromatic bath, go out of town for the weekend, or go to a SPA – any idea that allows you to unwind is good. Besides, now this last pleasure doesn’t have to cost you much – with the CitiSpecials program you can save up to 20%!            
New Year is a chance to change something in your life for the better. If you begin with curing your financial situation, not only will you improve your quality of life, but also gain additional funds to pursue your passions. Everything starts with the first step.
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