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Is Black Friday really such a bargain?

Black Friday is a mandatory item in the calendar of any bargain hunter. But before you set off to search for attractive discounts, see how you can make sure your wallet survives the shopping spree.

What is Black Friday?
This popular day, which falls on the first Friday following the American Thanksgiving Day, is marked by great sales. For years, this holiday has been considered the true day of shopping, which is particularly popular in the USA, GB and Canada.This year, Black Friday falls on November 23, and, as in previous years, the sales will also reach Poland.  According to surveys conducted by Gfk, in 2017 as many as 23% of Poles did shopping on Black Friday. It is nearly double the percentage from the year before.

However, does this sales day always save customers a lot of money?  Two years ago, Deloitte conducted a survey “Christmas Price Barometer” and found that only 16% of prices were actually reduced on Black Friday.. 72% did not change, and 12% even went up.
If you’re shopping... be smart
Joining the shopping madness doesn’t have to mean overpaying! Then how can you shop smart, and where to start?
1. Keep a cool head
Stay in control – on Black Friday, you’re sure to see discounts that are supposed to encourage you to buy more. An example? You buy one product and get one half price. And then, when you open your closet, it’s full of redundant things. Therefore, before you throw something in the cart, take a breath and think calmly if it’s something you really need.

2. Start with comparing prices
It’s worth using online comparison engines, which are an easy way to check if an item is really such a bargain. You just need to enter the name of the picked product, and the platform will immediately compare its price at different shops and on different sites.

3. Tested solutions are always valuable
Another way to save money is to use tested solutions.  One of them is the Citi Specials Benefit program, which offers each Citi Handlowy client discounts at 300 program partners for all purchases. If you join the program, you will be able to take advantage of attractive discounts on purchases at dozens of places – from known drugstores to popular clothing stores.

In addition, as a program member, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one sales Friday. You can take advantage of the available discounts all year round!
4. Black Friday is an occasion to make shopping abroad
Visit foreign online shops, consider American Amazon or Chinese AliExpress. The Asian giant is worth visiting not only on Black Friday but also on... November 11! This is the day when the Chinese celebrate a big consumer festival known as the “Single’s Day”. Attractive discounts and promotions are to encourage all single people to gift themselves with something unusual. This year you will not turn back the clock but remember to visit the website on November 11, 2019. Who knows, maybe you will find something for you and your loved ones. Also remember that Black Friday is followed by... Cyber Monday – with discounts on electronic devices.

5. Or maybe... think about travelling?
Take advantage of promotions and rebates offered around the world – sales do not cover only physical objects.  The program Citi World Privileges involves also exotic travels around the world as well as accommodation in the best hotels. The only thing you have to do is to visit the site and use the search engine. Attractive discounts are offered not only in Poland but also around the world so you can benefit from them wherever you are!
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