The beginning of the school year is a big deal not only for the debuting students, but also for their parents. After all, there is so much to take care of! And one of those things is a school starter kit. What should be included on the shopping list? We have checked it f...

13 August 2019

APR, inflation, IPO – these terms don’t ring a bell or maybe even give you a headache? Take a few minutes to find out what they mean!

6 August 2019

Music plays in your soul? That’s great! The biggest stars are ever more eager to come to Poland and play concerts, which are amazing spectacles. The best songs are accompanied by remarkable dancing arrangements and lights, all in a unique atmosphere. You have all that wa...

23 July 2019

You can’t imagine a day without your favorite songs? Now you can have all your music totally free with a Citi Simplicity card. Citi Handlowy has launched a special offer in which you can obtain a 2-year long subscription to TIDAL for free and LIVE NATION pre-sales! “TIDA...

23 July 2019

Running is not enough for you? You like to set new challenges and sport is your passion? Test your strength and stamina and get ready for a triathlon!

13 June 2019

For some years now, music festivals in Poland have attracted thousands of fans, who want to spend time among people sharing their passion. In June, July and August the fun really picks up steam to become one big music celebration. Where should you go to experience first-...

5 June 2019

Mum is a special person, and that’s why you should take care of her not only on special occasions. How can you find a nice gift for your mum and make her face light up with a wide and sincere smile? Here are some tips on how to choose a gift for your mum, also without a ...

16 May 2019

A shopping trip with a toddler is no mean feat. The crowds, the noise, plus your child cries impatiently. So what do you do? The best solution is to stay at home and look through the offers of online stores, where you can find really stylish clothes for kids.

16 May 2019

Is it getting warmer and warmer outside and you’re about to leave “Mordor” (an office complex at ul. Domaniewska in Warsaw) wondering what to do this weekend? Our suggestion – head out on a bicycle trip! Where? Warsaw’s surroundings are a really good choice! Cycling rout...

13 May 2019

New York, Los Angeles, Miami or New Orleans are dream destinations for many of us. Flights from Poland to the US are still very popular. Unfortunately, their price can be discouraging, but this can be dealt with as well. How to find cheap plane tickets to the US and have...

13 May 2019