Running is not enough for you? You like to set new challenges and sport is your passion? Test your strength and stamina and get ready for a triathlon!

13 June 2019

For some years now, music festivals in Poland have attracted thousands of fans, who want to spend time among people sharing their passion. In June, July and August the fun really picks up steam to become one big music celebration. Where should you go to experience first-...

5 June 2019

Mum is a special person, and that’s why you should take care of her not only on special occasions. How can you find a nice gift for your mum and make her face light up with a wide and sincere smile? Here are some tips on how to choose a gift for your mum, also without a ...

16 May 2019

A shopping trip with a toddler is no mean feat. The crowds, the noise, plus your child cries impatiently. So what do you do? The best solution is to stay at home and look through the offers of online stores, where you can find really stylish clothes for kids.

16 May 2019

Is it getting warmer and warmer outside and you’re about to leave “Mordor” (an office complex at ul. Domaniewska in Warsaw) wondering what to do this weekend? Our suggestion – head out on a bicycle trip! Where? Warsaw’s surroundings are a really good choice! Cycling rout...

13 May 2019

New York, Los Angeles, Miami or New Orleans are dream destinations for many of us. Flights from Poland to the US are still very popular. Unfortunately, their price can be discouraging, but this can be dealt with as well. How to find cheap plane tickets to the US and have...

13 May 2019

“I have nothing to wear”. That’s usually the start, which means you own the so-called classic wardrobe. But on a serious note, we recommend starting summer holiday fun from shopping. Where? If it is stylish items you want, it would be best to visit one of the fashion cap...

18 April 2019

A personal trainer is a service which is getting more and more popular in Poland. A personal trainer is a person who can help you plan your training sessions individually, in a manner adjusted to your abilities and goals. Is training under the supervision of a personal t...

12 April 2019

You’re arranging your apartment and wondering about its interior design? Or maybe you’re thinking of a small, spring renovation? If you’re dreaming of beautiful, modern interiors in your apartment, check what’s currently in fashion! Our article will tell you about the th...

3 April 2019

A breath of fresh, spring air has come to your wardrobe? You’re beginning a huge clean-out of your closet? You feel like getting “something” new? And wondering about the new trends of spring 2019? Read our article before you throw yourself into the whirl of spring sales ...

1 April 2019

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