The real estate market is experiencing an unexpected boom – apartments are sold like hotcakes, new construction sites open one after another. In spring, we often think of buying our own apartment – but is now really the best time to make such a decision? Let us shortly d...

5 March 2018

Citi Handlowy is launching a new client benefit platform that will combine all the previous benefit programs offered by the bank so far. A wide selection of discounts offered by the program partners, special offers, loyalty point redemption and much more will be now avai...

2 March 2018

The Polish market of luxury real estate – with prestigious location, architecture, size and material quality – is growing, both in terms of apartments sold and their price. 

22 February 2018

The initial working title of this piece was “What a student can learn from a banker” but if you think about it, more often than not it is modern banking learning from students, housewives or pensioners.

19 February 2018

Quick shopping in London or Paris over the weekend? Why not – these fantastic destinations are just 2 hours away from most Polish airports. Additionally, they offer not only a bigger choice but often also lower prices than those you pay for famous brands in Poland. The s...

16 February 2018

Let’s be honest, though: according to a publication by the National Cancer Registry, almost 1.5 million Poles died from cancer in the last 15 years.  This population is equal to the total of populations of Cracow and Łódź. It is as if these two cities had disappeared fro...

15 February 2018

Citi Handlowy has been again recognized by the prestigious financial magazine, “Euromoney”. The “Euromoney” awards were presented for the 15th continuous year and Citi Handlowy was named the winner in the two categories: Best Private Banking Services Overall and Internat...

13 February 2018

Technology impacts our daily life. Every part of our lives is related to technology in one way or another. This applies to the way we pay, too. Smartphones are driving us into a cashless world. 

5 February 2018

Why is it worth having a professional to advise you on the investment?

30 January 2018

A credit card can grant you access to better price offers. Credit cards offer their holders loyalty programs, which can give them access to fantastic discounts and, moreover, often provide them with additional services at a very low price or even free of charge.travellin...

18 January 2018

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