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4 benefits of online bots - why is it worth making friends with a chatbot? 

The rise of automated systems and artificial intelligence means we interact less with human agents and more with AI, chat bots and self-service solutions.  There are many benefits for clients such as your queries get answered directly and accurately without human consultants, no waiting to connect with a human agent, and companies reach new channels where they find their clients.  

While brands and banks try to come up with solutions to be available to customers from any device and at all hours, automated self-service and AI are good start.  Having well-thought out systems lets them solve client problems, help them find information about their products and services and helps them manage their online reputation.
In the era of chat bots, which makes use of integrated yet simple self-servicing solution for clients.  These chat bots live on webpages or social media platforms.   They are called by clients to answer a wide range of basic questions about services, products and filter queries to human consultants.  

1 Straight and effective answers to questions

Usually a banking client needs to contact a call centre or speak to a representative in a branch.  This method of contact could include call costs and long waiting times – very frustrating for clients – and if you physically go to a branch it might require you to que. With self-service chat bots you can get an answer for simple queries quickly from the comfort of your mobile phone.  Only if your query is deemed too complicated for the chat bot you are then referred to a human consultant.

2 No sleeping hours in the digital world

Call centre agents need sleep like everybody else; while chat bots are on available 24/7.  The digital world never sleeps.  If you are looking for a banking service at 5 am in the morning, finding a restaurant from your reward’s program at 10pm, you could chat with a banking chat bot. You can find these chat bots on various banking website pages, or on Facebook messenger.  The easy accessibility ofFacebook messenger for most of us (2 billion of us are on the Facebook in 2018), and it being accessible on our smartphones, makes interacting with our banks or brands super fun and easy at any time of day or night.

3 Chat bots mean that banks and brands care for their customers’ time

As a client, you expect that your queries will be dealt with in a quick and efficient way. If your favorite brand or bank has setup up a channel that answers your questions in a friendly and accurate way; that means that they are trying to listen to their customer’s questions and thought to answer all questions from their wealth of knowledge; even before you even think of a question.  That is some proactive thinking and will save tons of time in the end for everybody. In the past you would need to log onto the website’s FAQs to see if you can find the answer.

4 You have more options to interact with your bank

Your bank wants to be there where you are, to assist you whenever you have a question.  If you and other clients are on social media, they need to be there with you too.  They would like to assist you to make informed choices, help you to solve problems if they products or services go wrong, or help you save money.  The best part is that a chat bot is only activated on the request of a customer, so that means that you, as a client, have full control.

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