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Works of art for gourmets – world’s most luxurious dishes and restaurants

Luxury is much more than just exclusive hotels, yacht cruises and trips to a paradise island. It’s also unique culinary experiences and dishes created with hard-to-find ingredients or according to the original recipes of the best cooks in the world. Where can you eat little works of art?

The taste of gold and caviar
In his 2-star restaurant in New York, the world’s famous cook Daniel Boulud serves his guests extraordinary dishes, which can be enjoyed in an atmosphere of luxury and baroque splendor. The most extravagant item on the menu is undoubtedly the Almas Osetra caviar dipped in 24-carat gold. 50 g of this delicacy costs USD 860! Daniel Boulud has restaurants also in Boston, Washington, Palm Beach, Miami, Toronto, London and Singapore.

However, if you would like to pamper your palate with sweet flavors, you should visit Instanbul. The best confectioners from the Ciragan Palace hotel can serve you Sultan’s Golden Cake, which takes as long as 3 days to prepare! The cake is full of tempting figs, apricots and pears, all having been soaked in Jamaican Rum for two years. There is more. The cake owes its unique aroma to the vanilla imported from Polynesia, and on top it has truffles coated with caramel and sprinkled with real gold.
Sophisticated truffles or... exclusive pizza?
White truffles are often referred to as culinary gems. They have been savored by royalties, artists, writers and diplomats. Often, they are presented as gifts to the “mightiest” of this world. One kilogram of white truffles can go for even EUR 4,000. The most expensive specimen of this fungus, weighing 1.5 kg, was sold for as much as EUR 264,000. You can taste this royal dish, for example, during a trip to Singapore. The restaurant Les Amis offers such dishes for USD 800 per person.However, you don’t have to be an enthusiast of sophisticated flavors to try something really luxurious.

What dishes are worth recommending in New York? Of course, the famous New York cheesecake, breakfast in a diner with an atmosphere, or pizza. When it comes to pizza, Restaurant Nino took it to a new, higher level. If you order Nino Bellissima Pizza for USD 1,000, you will get traditional crust with six types of caviar, lobster tail and a little wasabi.

But you are wrong if you think it's the most expensive pizza in the world. That can be found in Italy! For USD 12,000, you are guaranteed exceptional service, and dishes served in your own house. The dough itself is prepared for about 3 days, the ingredients include three types of caviar, lobster, Australian sea salt and mozzarella. If your pizza isn’t served within 30 minutes, you will not be charged for it.
Chef’s table
Ritz in Paris is class in itself. Exquisite interiors, elegance, and class. No wonder that the restaurant in the hotel is now considered legendary. The two-star L’Espadon attracts guests with its cozy atmosphere and mood-enhancing music. However, the most tempting item is the chef’s table, where you can admire the “behind-the-scenes” in a close-up. The undisputed master at L’Espadon used to be Michel Roth, one of the most prominent cooks in the world. Currently, Roth works as a chef in a hotel in Geneva.
There are always as many culinary tastes as people. The best restaurants and the most sophisticated dishes can be found anywhere in the world. You can choose based on your preferences or embark on a culinary journey full of delicious adventures.

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