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Have a cake and eat it... or how to eat well for less

From night markets to cozy cafés and entire restaurant districts – Polish gastronomy is teeming with life. Eating out is now a new discipline, and Poles excel in it.  Meetings with friends, weekend trips with family or special celebrations – how can you add flavor to your everyday life without going bankrupt? And, most importantly – where?

Where to celebrate special occasions
A friend coming back to Poland after years away, son’s eighteenth birthday or parents’ golden wedding anniversary – there are plenty of occasions for meetings over a meal, and places where they can be celebrated are also in abundance. Top-quality culinary experiences are usually guaranteed by chefs. They are ever more often transforming from silent heroes into ambassadors of good food, and their faces can be seen on TV or in the Internet. An example? Abroad – Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsay, and the kings of Polish kitchens are Michel Moran, Robert Sowa and Aleksander Baron.
A famous name comes with higher costs, but gourmets have their ways. While waiting for the annual Restaurant Week, they take advantage, for example, of discount programs linked to payment cards. Thus, they can get, e.g.:
- 20% discount to Chłodna 15 by Wilamowski in Warsaw. As the name suggests, the quality of dishes is guaranteed by the chef Artur Wilamowski, who gained experience in France and the United Kingdom.
- 10% discount for a meal at Copernicus in Cracow, led by Marcin Filipkiewicz. In 2009, he led the winning team in the Wine & Food Noble Night competition, and has also visited half of the world in search for perfect tastes.
- 15% discount for lunch or dinner at Cadenza, located in one of the most unique buildings in Katowice. Your pilot during your culinary journey will be Katarzyna Rogowska.
In these restaurants – and in 99 others across Poland – you can get a discount by simply paying your bill with any Citi Handlowy card, as all cards of the bank participate in the Citi Specials offering discounts up to 50%.
To eat... and drink
Whether you want a romantic night at home, or a gift perfect for any occasion, the suggestion is easy (though the further choice not so much!) – good wine. A universal and always elegant solution you don’t have to book for a special occasion – although in such cases it will also definitely work.  What’s more, you can use the expertise of wine experts when buying this fine alcohol. Where can you find the best alcohols and assistance in their selection?
A list of shops with a very wide offer can be found in the Citi Specials Wine Club. They include, for example:
- M&P Alkohole and Wina Świat (17% discount)
- Winosfera (15%)
- Wine4you (15%)
- Centrum Wina (10%).
If you're looking for something stronger, you should definitely consider the 15% discount at Moët Hennessy Polska
Everywhere is well, but there’s no place like home?
Culinary travels are extraordinary, but sometimes we just can’t be bothered to go out or prepare a meal ourselves.  How can you save on take-outs?
- 50% off at Telepizza! It's a good idea for a low-cost lunch at work, late dinner after a long trip or a spontaneous meeting with friends over board games or game consoles.
- Glodny.pl with a 15% discount The portal can boast a wide base of restaurants in Poznań, Łódź and Wrocław. It's a recipe for eating in without effort.
- Free delivery at Uber Eats is currently one of the most popular applications to order food – now with two deliveries free of charge!
In order to use the discounts and free deliveries, just enter the code or pay with any Citi Handlowy card – for more details go here.
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