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Three latest trends in arranging an interior

You’re arranging your apartment and wondering about its interior design? Or maybe you’re thinking of a small, spring renovation? If you’re dreaming of beautiful, modern interiors in your apartment, check what’s currently in fashion! Our article will tell you about the three latest trends in interior design. The process can be easy and pleasant!

Natural and modern elements in interior design
Here we present trend number 1, that is, combining modern technologies with natural raw materials in arranging an interior. Where does this design come from? People have always appreciated modernity that makes their life easier, at the same time wanting to live in an idyllic and natural surroundings. Hence, rustic interiors have become a very popular direction in arranging apartments. Wood, stone or brick are very popular in designing and furnishing interiors. When combined with modern technology, they create an exclusive interior with a mesmerizing appearance that is surprisingly useful. Intelligent solutions used in arranging interiors serve not only their inhabitants, but also the planet itself. These are often energy-efficient appliances, which need a short time to relieve us of our daily chores, and also accentuate the elegance of an interior. Nobody is surprised by a washing machine and a drying machine in one any more, or a fridge with a built-in ice maker controlled by phone – such appliances are becoming standard items. Then what do we mean by a modern interior design? Above all, original solutions (industrial interiors are a good example). When it comes to the furnishing, they include tap fitting in the kitchen which not only filters, but also carbonates water. When combined with a natural, marble sink, it perfectly fits the trend of modernity and naturalness. Wooden interiors harmonize fantastically with concrete or metal (characteristic of lofts), and the natural shade of brick will perfectly match raw, white walls. Combining nature and technology in interior design is a trend that is becoming ever more popular and gaining enthusiasts with every year.
Industrial interior design
Trend number two – industrial interiors. The design of an interior following the style of urban spaces inside a house, the so-called loft, refers to old manufacturing factories. Very big windows and high ceilings are their defining characteristic. Industrial interiors are also characterized by no separation between individual rooms – very often the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom are one and the same space.
The industrial style comes from America. It is there, in the ruins of factories that were located in city centers, that artists started to create their apartments, and to introduce a new original interior design. The style very quickly caught on in other parts of the country and a majority of Americans began to dream of living in a characteristic loft, with windows overlooking New York. And how does this trend look in Poland?
An open concept of the kitchen and the living room is a very popular solution, used in most apartments and characteristic of minimalistic interiors. Modern, industrial interiors combine not only the living room and the kitchen, but also a vestibule in order to create one big living space.  Since the kitchen and the living room are usually considered a showcase of an apartment, a space designed as a loft automatically becomes its attribute. What should you pay attention to when creating a loft-like interior? As the first step, you should plan the windows as they are the foundation on which to build the interior design of an industrial space. See how they are arranged against the main walls of an apartment. Remember that the sunlight plays the main role in the industrial style, therefore you should not block its flow with unnecessary pieces of furniture – as there shouldn’t be too many of them. When choosing furniture for an apartment, look for metal elements – they are an inherent part of industrial interiors. Brass and iron finishes will be a perfect complement to a modern urban space.
Minimalistic interiors
The less, the better. It is a golden rule from Scandinavia we are familiar with. Interiors in a Scandinavian style are characterized by one concept – minimalism. A minimalistic apartment is dominated by white and grey interiors, light furniture and a very small number of items. What are the main principles of a minimalistic interior design in a Scandinavian style? Above all, complete simplicity. This refers both to simple furniture structures and the arrangement of the entire room. When arranging a minimalistic apartment, we often reach for popular templates of interior design of the biggest building and furniture chains. It is worth bearing in mind that very classic interiors also include vintage interiors. See if you have a chest of drawers in the attic that could be repainted white or an old stool that would be perfect as a stand for a plant.  It is recommended to have a creative and healthy attitude when shopping – a nice interior design should be well-thought-out, and not necessarily new. In a minimalistic apartment, a simple ladder can become an extraordinary bookshelf, and an old painting frame could complement a bathroom mirror. Remember that the simpler, the better. A small number of items may look spectacular if they are pieced together appropriately.
And now the most important rule you should follow when decorating an interior and furnishing an apartment – remember that every room of the house should form a coherent whole and match the rest.  Minimalism, industrialism and naturalism are styles that can be fantastically harmonized to decorate modern interiors. The resulting harmony will make your home not only functional, but also beautiful.
Sometimes using little means you can create an elegant interior that will surprise your guests. However, what’s the most important is that you feel comfortable in such interiors and, above all: at home!
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