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5 ways to freshen up your wardrobe without overpaying!

A breath of fresh, spring air has come to your wardrobe? You’re beginning a huge clean-out of your closet? You feel like getting “something” new? And wondering about the new trends of spring 2019? Read our article before you throw yourself into the whirl of spring sales and trends. It will give you some tips on freshening up your wardrobe without incurring unnecessary expenses!

Tip #1 – avoid accidental shopping
Accident is enemy no. 1 of your closet. We love seasonal sales and freshening up our closet, but what we love even more is knowing what we want to buy. Have you ever bought something only because its price was reduced? And never worn it since? Exactly. Making deliberate purchases is key in freshening up your closet, but where do you start? First of all, you need to do a shopping list with “must have” items, which will help you during the next big sale. Below you will find a few suggestions on what the list should include. It’s time to clean out your closet!
Tip #2 – must haves
There are a few things you should always have in your closet, therefore you should take them into account when cleaning out your closet. They allow you to choose an outfit for every occasion because, as we all well know, classic items are always in fashion. What are, then, the fashion must haves of every woman that align with the trends of spring 2019? Above all, it is a white shirt of the so-called simple cut, which will be great in freshening up your look. You can use it in an elegant outfit or pair it with comfortable sports shoes. It will simply look good in either version. Another item you should have in your closet is a black dress. It doesn’t have to be a little black dress, it can be of a simple, classic cut in which you will feel comfortable.  Another classic item to have in your closet is well-cut jeans, which will perfectly accentuate your figure. And the last “must have” on our fashion list which you should get when cleaning out your closet are black, comfortable stilettos, which will go with everything.
Tip #3 – not must haves
When freshening up your wardrobe, start with a thorough review of your closet. You know now what you need to have in your closet. Now it’s time to see what you don’t need, and what you can get rid of when cleaning out your wardrobe. Thus, you will better adapt your wardrobe to the trends of spring 2019. And here’s another tip – there is no place for sentiment when cleaning out your wardrobe. Remember the pretty dress you bought last year? And do you remember the last time your wore it? Or if you have ever worn it once? If the answer to both questions is “no”, it’s time to pass it on. When organizing your wardrobe, you will need a big bag and a lot of willpower. It is easier to clean out your wardrobe if you have a good cause in mind. You can always give the clothes you no longer wear, for example, to a house for single mothers. Your shelves will be lighter, and your heart will be too. When you freshen up your closet!
Tip #4 –  focus on accessories
Accessories, accessories and once again accessories – these are the trends of spring 2019. They are something that will enable you to change any outfit with just one detail. They make the clean-out of your wardrobe even easier! You only need an interesting scarf to completely transform a white shirt, or a leather belt to make a denim stylization more rapacious. A shawl, scarf or jewelry are things that can totally transform even the simplest outfit. It’s good to bear it in mind when cleaning out your closet. And don’t forget about handbags. It’s worth having them in three main shades – black, brown and beige. With accessories selected in this way you will complete any look and charm everyone with a fresh, original outfit.
Tip #5 – clothes not only from shopping malls
So far you have only done shopping at big chain stores? Maybe it’s time to change that. Second-hand clothes are a trend that has ruled for some few years, and it is the main direction in cleaning out closets of people around the world! It's worth discovering local second-hand shops – maybe they have the best fashion gems waiting just for you (e.g. tie-dye T-shirts). And what if you find there amazing brand-name jeans or a coat that will cost you just a few zlotys? You won’t know the joy from shopping at second-hands until you try! In such places, you can discover the best trends of spring 2019 which can have over 10 years and still be in fashion! Clothes are like travels – the world belongs to the brave! Freshen up your wardrobe: don't be afraid to combine different patterns and play with colors. Remember the characteristic tie-dye T-shirt from the ‘90s? Try to make one yourself! You will find a multitude of tips and suggestions on how to make your own tie-dye clothes on the Internet. Let colors rule your closet, not only in spring. Remember you are the first person that should like your outfit and feel comfortable in it. Then, you will look fabulous in everything.  
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