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How much is a personal trainer?

A personal trainer is a service which is getting more and more popular in Poland. A personal trainer is a person who can help you plan your training sessions individually, in a manner adjusted to your abilities and goals. Is training under the supervision of a personal trainer a good idea, worth paying for – and how much is it?
Gym membership – and what’s next?
You benefit from your gym membership a few times a week? Or maybe you exercise several times per month? You know how to use the equipment available at your gym. You sometimes participate in group activities. However, you often feel like doing something more. You sometimes watch the trainings with a personal trainer and the idea of trying it yourself is starting to germinate in your mind. You are focused on continuous development, so maybe it is time to translate it into a healthy lifestyle?

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Personal... motivation

Unfortunately, Poland is still among the countries with the lowest percentage of people regularly participating in sports activities. While our northern neighbors are building specialist gyms for the elderly, our country is still placed disgracefully at the bottom of the “fit” list. It seems that gyms are now attended by much more people than several years ago – this is true. Poland boasts the largest growth of the fitness industry in Europe. However, many people abandon further exercising right after the first trainings. A personal trainer comes to the rescue and becomes your personal motivator.
Someone more than an instructor
A personal trainer is not only a guide around the world of exercise. A personal trainer encourages you to lead an active lifestyle, also outside the gym. He or she suggests what to eat and in what amounts, so that the results of a training are not only visible but also permanent. Thanks to the advice of a personal trainer your efficiency and endurance will increase. A good personal trainer not only determines an individual training plan – he or she will first of all help you to establish good habits. This becomes much easier when you are supported by a professional.
Valuable advice
The best trainers definitely value their time. The rates for individual trainings on the market range from PLN 50 to 250 per hour. Because personal trainings are becoming more and more popular, the prices are likely to drop in the years to come. It is important to verify the qualifications of a personal trainer – the fact that he or she completed relevant courses and has a certificate, as well as their specialization (e.g. physiotherapy or a trainer dedicated to pregnant women) and previous experience.
Under a watchful eye
Based on our experience, we know that a majority of things go more smoothly when we have a professional supporting us. Working with a personal trainer is also safer – it is about properly selected exercise and diets. You take care of various aspects of your life – maybe it is time to focus on the form of training? After all, no other area of life is more important than health and it is worth treating yourself to a little bit of luxury.

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