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Stay stylish while travelling – the art of packing

“I have nothing to wear”. That’s usually the start, which means you own the so-called classic wardrobe. But on a serious note, we recommend starting summer holiday fun from shopping. Where? If it is stylish items you want, it would be best to visit one of the fashion capitals.

Piece of advice by Ela Lepianka, Owner of Uneel, image creator
London, Paris, Milan or New York?
There are many iconic places that attract enthusiasts of unforgettable shopping experiences. In Paris, which is associated with the remarkable Coco Chanel or Dior, which is the essence of femininity, it is worth visiting the two largest department stores – Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. If you’re dreaming of shopping surrounded by beautiful architecture, you absolutely must visit Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. It offers an outstanding combination of tradition and modern vibes from such great designers as Giorgio Armani or Gianni Versace. If you have more time on your hands, you should go to New York. The long trip will be compensated by the malls with a very rich assortment – Kings Plaza Shopping Center&Marina in Brooklin, Manhattan Mall or Queens Center, where you will be positively surprised not only by the wide choice, but also by lower prices. Since the exhibition “Savage Beauty” by Alexander McQueen and the rise of interest around Kate Middleton, London has become the leading fashion capital. Regardless of popularity or rankings, I will invariably recommend Harrods. This luxurious department store is a temple of esthetics, where you can not only shop, but also get endless inspirations. Germany isn’t associated with fashion at first glance; however, the Berlin KaDeWe offers over 1,800 world’s brands, which is enough to fill up your summer suitcase full.
And what about the Polish capital?
Warsaw has strong aspirations to shine on the fashion world map. It is witnessing a rise in boutiques of famous fashion designers. Some Polish names you just can’t ignore when you pass their boutiques, e.g.: Dawid Woliński, Paprocki & Brzozowski, Gosia Baczyńska, Ewa Minge, Bohoboco, Mariusz Przybylski or Łukasz Jemioł, who have electrified the imaginations of the fashion world for long now. If you only have a few hours to spare, I recommend shopping at Galeria Mokotów, and specifically at Royal Collection, where you can find such brands as Stenstroms , Oscar Jacobson, Carl Gross, Cavaliere, Baumler, Roy Robson, Gas, Hallhuber, Trussardi, I Blues, Aryton, Campione, Baldessarini, Nawigare, Bugatti, Philip Louis, Digel, Daniel Hechter and many more. It is a perfect place not only for summer shopping, but also to find a quick and impressive complement to your business wardrobe.
Shopping, and what next?
Packing a suitcase can be challenging since, regardless of the type of the trip, we create our image always and everywhere. Before starting the challenge, answer the most important question:
Elżbieta Lepianka.jpg
- What is the aim of the trip?
It’s worth checking out the places you’re going to visit on holiday, as even the most interesting outfit won’t look attractive if it doesn’t match the environment. It’s difficult to imagine visiting vineyards in high heels or having dinner at an elegant restaurant in sweats, however fashionable it would be. Your appearance should be respectful of your surroundings and emphasize your original style. When planning outfits for a trip, you should consider cultural differences, because not everything that is considered appropriate in Poland will be viewed the same in other countries. When you know the exact date of departure, write down and match individual outfits to each point; additionally, add one casual outfit and one evening one. Check if the facility has a swimming pool, as a swimsuit and swimming trunks are the most frequently forgotten items.
Another piece of the puzzle are weather conditions and mastering the art of combining all items of your wardrobe into one coherent outfit as to colors and style. This last point requires the most attention. While some people are OK with matching clothes, a chaos of styles begins when they add outer clothing, accessories such as a long or a short scarf, bags and suitcases. That’s because few people treat a suitcase or a bag as part of the outfit. It is worth considering whether these elements go with your clothes and whether they emphasize the nature of the trip. And it is even more difficult to make all the items match every day. The solution is to choose outfits within one color family and add highlights that correspond with each other. You should think of your appearance during trips in wider and more comprehensive terms.
What should you remember?
If shopping is the goal of the trip and you want to travel only with your payment card, you should remember a few things that cannot be easily bought: drugs, prescription glasses, documents and phone. However, if you’re planning on taking luggage with you, there are two methods that can help you pack.

The first of them is making a list. It should include all the things you usually take with you. You should print it out in several copies and use it as a disposable item. When packing, you only have to strike out individual items to make sure you don’t miss anything. This solution helps especially those who leave packing to the last minute.

But when you are more organized and like order, I recommend designating one place in your apartment where you can bring things you want to take “by the way” over a longer period of time. To do this, you can use a box, a case or a wicker basket. Perfectionists are recommended to combine the two methods. For women, an especially useful solution will be to bring an additional toiletries bag with mini products, one that you don’t unpack and pack anew in panic, that stores a paper nail file, a painkiller, blotting paper and other magic stuff that make a woman happy when travelling.
Packing a suitcase for a plane is never easy, as we are limited by the parameters determined by the carrier. However, a personal stylist could give you advice on what to take and make packing much easier than before. Apart from the decisions on what to take for a trip abroad, you should also consider purchasing insurance to avoid unpleasant consequences of unexpected fortuitous events. People who like to fly a lot will certainly appreciate the Citi PremierMiles program. Cashless payments with a credit card translate into points, which in turn can be exchanged for free plane tickets and overnight stays. Thus, we can afford more shopping sprees.

There’s nothing more to do than take a ticket in your hand, grab a perfectly packed suitcase and board the plane. I wish you happy and fashionable summer holidays with Citi.
Ela Lepianka
Owner of Uneel, image creator

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