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Active ways to spend time – get ready for a triathlon!  

Running is not enough for you? You like to set new challenges and sport is your passion? Test your strength and stamina and get ready for a triathlon!

This multisport race called triathlon is a race combining three sports: swimming, cycling and running. In order to prepare for a race, not only do you need to work on your fitness, but also think about appropriate equipment, for example, what bike do you choose for a triathlon? Since participation in a three-sport race is a huge challenge for your body, you should think about the distance you’ll be able to do: short, long, Olympic or maybe ultra triathlon?

Triathlon – how to begin running, swimming and cycling? You could use the help of a personal trainer!

First, you have an idea and motivation, but then things get tough. Triathlon is a real challenge, therefore you need to be well-prepared! How should you start the preparations for a triathlon? It could be useful to train with a personal trainer, who will help you practise the 3 sports – cycling, swimming and running. One thing is certain – you will spend time actively at the swimming pool and in the open air. Therefore, before you begin, make sure to buy proper footwear and sports clothes. You will find them at the online store Snsklep.pl, which is the sole distributor of the brand Saucony, or at Street Supply – a store for people passionate about sports clothes and shoes.

Be prepared for physical effort, in other words... distance of a triathlon

You certainly won’t do without training – that's for sure! You have to devote a lot of time, energy and money at first, but if you love adrenaline, it’s worth it! And don’t worry about the finances – the Citi Specials Benefit program has prepared special offers in the section “Sport and Health”, which will help you prepare properly, and your wallet will lose a lot of less weight than its owner.  

But let’s get down to business! How long is a triathlon?

  • Short triathlon: Cycling – 20 km, swimming – 0.75 km, running – 5 km
  • Long triathlon: Cycling – 90 km, swimming – 1.9 km, running – 21.1 km
  • Olympic triathlon:Cycling – 40 km, swimming – 1.5 km, running – 10 km
  • Marathon triathlon or ultra triathlon: Cycling – 180 km, swimming – 3.8 km, running – 42.2 km

Swimming, running or cycling – which is more important?

Each of these sports is equally important. However, swimming in a triathlon – even though it’s not the longest – can make you really exhausted. Swimming is the most technical sport in triathlon, and you should consider which swimming style to choose – front crawl or breaststroke? The former style is about 20% slower than front crawl, but the swimming time is not everything in triathlon. When you choose breaststroke, you are much more comfortable and have better visibility. An open body of water is not the same as a swimming pool. And you should bear in mind that you will jump in the water having ridden a few dozen kilometers on a bike. What should you do to achieve your goal? Find as much motivation as possible and make sure you have equipment which might help you. For example, a triathlon wetsuit, polarized sunglasses or a bike – you can find all these and other items at Triathlonista.com. There, you can buy everything at once and you will soon realize that you can’t train or take part in a triathlon without them.
The training itself is probably best started with running – especially if you have already run shorter distances. It should be easier now. The only question is – do you have appropriate shoes? If not, run as fast you can to the Runners Club – otherwise, it will be difficult to reach the finishing line!
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