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2 years without fees at TIDAL and access to LIVE NATION pre-sales

You can’t imagine a day without your favorite songs? Now you can have all your music totally free with a Citi Simplicity card. Citi Handlowy has launched a special offer in which you can obtain a 2-year long subscription to TIDAL for free and LIVE NATION pre-sales! “TIDAL” and “special offer” are two phrases worth remembering in the coming months!

Special offer for TIDAL! Win free access!
The special offer is valid from 05/07/2019 to 31/12/2019. The offer is addressed to new clients, that is persons who do not have a primary credit card with Citi Handlowy. The application for a Citi Simplicity card will be considered upon the assessment of the applicant’s creditworthiness conducted by the bank. If you meet all the conditions specified in the Terms & Conditions of the TIDAL special offer, you will receive an electronic voucher granting you 24-month, free access to the TIDAL platform worth PLN 477.60. The voucher will be issued to those who have never subscribed to TIDAL.
All your music with a Citi Simplicity card – how does the special offer for TIDAL work?
It's really easy to take part in the special offer for TIDAL! You just have to apply for a zero-fee Citi Simplicity card and use it to pay for your everyday transactions. What you need to do, step by step:
  1. File an application – the offer is addressed to new clients. You have time until 31/12/2019 to apply.
  2. Use online banking – log in to Citibank Online at least once within 3 months after signing the agreement.
  3. Make purchases with the card – make transactions with your Citi Simplicity credit card of a total value of at least PLN 1,500 and, within 60 days, you will receive a code to the application granting you 2-year access to TIDAL for free.
Why is it great to listen to music on TIDAL?
With 2-year, free access to TIDAL, your favorite songs are always with you, wherever you are! In the car, on different means of public transport, at home and at work. And you can develop your passion for music! TIDAL for free with Citi Handlowy offers:
  • millions of Polish and foreign tracks
  • a possibility to create your own playlists
  • a possibility to save music offline.
Under the special offer you will also have, apart from a 2-year subscription to TIDAL, an opportunity to take part in exclusive, limited pre-sales. Holders of Citi Handlowy cards will be the first users who will be able to buy tickets to the concerts of such artists as: Metallica, Phil Collins, Pink, Rod Stewart or Ariana Grande.
Benefits of having a Citi Simplicity card:
  • no fees for card use – without asterisks or additional conditions,
  • up to 15% off at restaurants and up to 50% off on travels in the Citi Specials Benefit Program,
  • any card payment above PLN 100 may be converted into convenient instalments,
  • phone payments with Google Pay
  • an opportunity to take advantage of the special offer for 24-month free subscription to TIDAL after meeting the conditions of the T&C of the special offer.
Listen to the voice of reason and apply for a card which offers you so many benefits!
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